Apartments: Home To The Ever-Changing Family Dynamic

Three generations of a family, sitting on a bench and smiling at one anotherWhat is “family?” How do you define what constitutes the family dynamic? Less than 50 years ago, the term “family” referred to a married couple, often with child(ren). However, as society has evolved, so too has the definition of what constitutes a family. And all that time, apartment living has supported the ever-changing, ever-evolving family dynamic. So how do you define family?

Families are treasure troves of love and support. They are there to cheer you on when times are good and pick you up and comfort you when times become an unbearable challenge. Today, they can be made up of many different generations often living under one roof. Some states are seeing nearly 50% of 18-34-year-olds living with at least one relative and, in New Jersey, that rate is nearly 53%. The child, parent, and grandparent all living under one roof is not an uncommon scenario around the globe and the recent growth of these statistics in the U.S. is more in line with the cultural normalities of other countries. However, the term “family” goes even deeper.

New families are being created all the time and direct lineage is not always the defining factor. Each day, thousands of children become part of new families through adoption and foster programs. These families create bonds just as strong as those brought on by birth. The definition of family surpasses the ties of blood. Family is defined by love for each other and the connections created, not shared genetics.

The ties of friendship can also connect us together as part of a family dynamic. The bond between life-long friends can certainly be akin to the connection between siblings. Two roommates sharing an apartment over many years develop a routine parallel to that of any other family. Even the attachment to a beloved pet can be a type of family, and people often will not hesitate to show you photos of their furry children.

In tumultuous times, it is family that takes care of each other. It does not matter if it is bonds of friendship or love. It does not matter if you are joined by law or by genetics. It does not matter the age, the background, or even the reasons. What matters is that family is where love is created. This love is what defines today’s family.

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