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Team of young casual business people collaborating on an online project using a digital touchpad tablet computer in a bright modern office spacePicture yourself with a great tech job on the 22nd floor of a downtown high-rise. Each morning, you arrive at work eager for the day’s journey. You don’t mind the long hours because you love what you do. The pay is good and there are a lot of perks to working there. You especially like the people that you work alongside.

There is just one problem. In order to afford the house that you own, you have to commute one hour in the morning to get there and an hour in the evening to return. Traffic is horrible, and the commute itself is physically exhausting. You have less time for your family, friends, and the things you love to do. So what’s a homeowner to do? Apartment life may be the solution.

Sand clock on black background, as time slips awayTime. It’s both a friend and an enemy. The passage of time can put an immense amount of stress on some and create moments of awe in others. We are obsessed with time. We undertake endless quests to carve out more time in a day for both work and life. And, for the most part, we do not really miss it until it is already gone. But there are ways you can take back some of your precious time, and apartment living can be one of those methods. Here are a few ways that apartment living can lead to more time savings. How much time you ask? Well, it can add up to quite a lot!

Three generations of a family, sitting on a bench and smiling at one anotherWhat is “family?” How do you define what constitutes the family dynamic? Less than 50 years ago, the term “family” referred to a married couple, often with child(ren). However, as society has evolved, so too has the definition of what constitutes a family. And all that time, apartment living has supported the ever-changing, ever-evolving family dynamic. So how do you define family?

Multi-generational family enjoying meal together at the dinner tableNot so long ago, the American dream centered around owning a home. Every kid had a vision of white picket fences near Main Street USA. But as our country has evolved, so too have those visions. Apartment living is now a dominate force. Once it was considered to be only an option for those who could not afford a home of their own, but now apartments are the preferred choice for over 38 million people in the United States. The people calling apartments “home” are incredibly diverse, made up of every conceivable family grouping, coming from social and economic backgrounds of all kinds, and working in a variety of industries.

Hourglass in front of wall of close, slight vintage filterLove it or hate it, the time changes every fall. The days become shorter as darkness descends by 6:00 p.m. Saving time becomes an even bigger focus this time of year. One of our favorite ways to save time is by choosing the right apartment for your next home. When you live in an apartment, you actually enjoy more time savings than homeowners. Check it out! Here are five ways you can save time as an apartment dweller.

Friends watching sports in apartment living roomThe games of the 31st Olympiad have been filled with both moments of amazement and moments of controversy. While most of us viewers will remember the epic achievements of Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt, the vast majority of the athletes, coaches and spectators will remember the experience. In the Athlete’s Village, memories of a lifetime were created by those who participated in the games. At the same time, we all learned many lessons about what’s important to not just the athletes, but also to everyone taking advantage of apartment living.

Smiling group of three girls, all stylishly dressed and wearing sunglassesThere are dozens, if not hundreds, of reasons why people are flocking to apartments. For some, those reasons are economic. For others, it’s due to changes in their family size. Still, others rent based on location or because they’re moving for work. All of these people and countless others can speak to the benefits of the apartment lifestyle. From the cost of living to luxury amenities, there are scores of reasons why apartment living is the most popular housing choice for many. But the greatest benefit of all is not often spoken about: the friendships that are created. 

ApartmentsAn apartment is more than just a cost-effective housing option. It is more than what people who cannot afford to purchase a home rely on. It is more than just a place to call home during college or an extended business relocation. An apartment is a reflection of you – it is your home. It is the place that you have chosen to live because of the amenities and lifestyle it provides you.

Apartments Offer Variety

There are hundreds – if not thousands – of different options that you can choose from that make an apartment more than just four walls. If you want a view of nature, such as trees or a lake, there are apartments for you. If you need or want to live in the ground floor, there are a myriad of apartment homes available to you. If you prefer to live on the top floor of a building in order to cut down the noise and have a great view, you can have that. If you want to live in a community that has complimentary tennis courts, they are out there. The options for the place you will call home are virtually endless.