An Apartment Holiday: A Mother-Daughter Story

Mother and daughter decorating Christmas tree and having fun. Focus on the daughterDeeDee could not keep from laughing. Trying to hold back the giggles just made her laugh harder. She looked across the living room at her daughter who had a bewildered and somewhat hurt look on her face. The series of questions the child just asked was innocent enough. But something about it just struck her as funny…

“Mommy, Santa is still coming on Christmas, right?”

“Yes Mona, he is. Why are you asking?”

“Because mommy, he can’t put presents under our tree!”

With a curious look, DeeDee asked her daughter, “Why would you think that?”

“Mommy, we don’t have a chimney and he doesn’t have a key to our apartment.”

DeeDee scooped Mona into her arms and hugged her tight. Seeing the child was truly concerned she informed her, “You know, we lived in this same apartment last year and he was able to bring you presents then. I think he has a magic way that only he and the reindeer know about.”

Mona considered her mother’s observation for a moment and then squealed with joy. She asked her mom about making cookies and reminded her that they needed to leave out cereal for the reindeer too. Mona was sure that they loved Cheerios most of all.

Not long after Mona had fallen asleep for the night, DeeDee sat in her living room with a glass of wine. Their small tree stood in the corner covered in handmade ornaments. Stockings were tacked to the wall near the kitchen. It was a delightful little apartment with just enough space for the two of them. The best part is that Mona’s daycare was only two blocks away and DeeDee could take the commuter train and be at work in less than 20 minutes.

DeeDee had recently received a promotion at work which meant that Mona would get a few extra items in her stocking this year. The new income also meant that she had more opportunities to provide for her daughter and herself. Rather than finding a bigger apartment, she thought she would save the money and maybe one day buy a house. You never know what the future might hold. But she was sure of one thing. They loved where they lived and Mona would be thrilled when Christmas morning arrived in just a few days.

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