5 Secrets of Apartment Home Staging Success

home furniture stagingStaging an apartment for prospective renters to tour? It can be tough to style a space in a way that appeals to lots of different kinds of renters. From big families to pet owners to seniors, a staged apartment should make anyone feel at home. So how do you pull off the perfectly staged apartment? Start with these five tips for apartment home staging success, and you’ll be on your way to happy new renters in no time.

Don’t Neglect the Door

Make the apartment look inviting from the moment renters arrive at the door. Put potted plants out, hang a wreath on the door (you can even make it seasonal), and lay out a friendly welcome mat. You can even give the foyer a fresh coat of paint for a good first impression.

Think Outside the Staging Box

Got a spare room to stage? Don’t let it go to waste! Rather than writing it off as a guest bedroom, give it a different use by staging it as a home office or a media room. The more prospective renters can envision themselves in the space, the more likely they are to say “yes” to renting. Give them some options beyond the standard guest room!

Keep It Cohesive

Mismatched furniture is a major mistake in home staging. Choosing a set of furnishings instead can make rooms look more sophisticated, and when everything fits together, can often make the space look bigger. Furniture rental can help you achieve a cohesive look from room to room.

Use the Rule of Three

If you’re bringing out the accessories, do it in groups of three. Putting flowers out in the living room? Three vases. Stacking books on a coffee table? One, two, three. Odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye when it comes to accessorizing. And speaking of threes…

Let There Be Light!

When staging an apartment, it’s essential to get your light just right. Having three sources is generally best (especially if the room doesn’t get any natural light). So if you already have an overhead ceiling light and a window, for example, consider putting a small lamp on an end table or dresser for a cozy touch. And when it comes to windows, adding curtains always makes a room look more complete.

Share Your Home Staging Success Stories

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