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AS_Cleaning-FurnitureIf you are renting furniture for your home, or looking at furniture rental as an option for the future, take a look at these simple steps to keep your rented furniture looking as good as new.

Cover it up

Your dining room or kitchen table is most often the site of gatherings with family and friends, and thus susceptible to spills and scrapes. In order to keep your wood table looking its best, consider using a tablecloth or placemats when you’re enjoying a meal. If an accident happens and someone spills a glass, be sure clean up the spill immediately.

Location, location, location

home furniture stagingStaging an apartment for prospective renters to tour? It can be tough to style a space in a way that appeals to lots of different kinds of renters. From big families to pet owners to seniors, a staged apartment should make anyone feel at home. So how do you pull off the perfectly staged apartment? Start with these five tips for apartment home staging success, and you’ll be on your way to happy new renters in no time.