How to Take Care of Your Rented Furniture

AS_Cleaning-FurnitureIf you are renting furniture for your home, or looking at furniture rental as an option for the future, take a look at these simple steps to keep your rented furniture looking as good as new.

Cover it up

Your dining room or kitchen table is most often the site of gatherings with family and friends, and thus susceptible to spills and scrapes. In order to keep your wood table looking its best, consider using a tablecloth or placemats when you’re enjoying a meal. If an accident happens and someone spills a glass, be sure clean up the spill immediately.

Location, location, location

When arranging a room, remember that location makes a big difference when it comes to keeping your furniture in top condition. If you’re renting leather chairs or sofa sets, be wary of placing them too close to a space heater, fireplace, or a sunny window that lets in a lot of light. Direct exposure to heat can sometimes cause leather to crack and discolor. If you do need to put furniture near heat, using slipcovers for chairs or couches can help limit the exposure of the material.

Placing wooden furniture near a heating unit or vent can also cause problems. In some cases, if wood dries out too much it can shrink cracking. If moving the furniture isn’t an option, try using a humidifier during drier months to help balance out the moisture in the air.

Keep it clean

Did you know that collected dust on slick furniture can cause fine scratches on surfaces when everyday items come in contact with it? The good news is that most of your furniture surfaces only require a dry cloth and/or vacuuming as weekly maintenance. Avoid damage from dust and dirt by wiping down all smooth surfaces with a dry cloth or duster about once a week.

When cleaning, be mindful

Oftentimes, sensitive materials such as woods and leathers can require special cleaning solvents. Always check the bottle of your cleaner to make sure it’s recommended for the surface you’re cleaning.

By following these simple steps, you can keep all of your rented furniture looking like new all year round!


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