The Apartment Bedroom: Maximize It

Apartment BedroomDon’t Forget Your Apartment’s Bedroom

Your apartment bedroom probably isn’t high on your “opportunity is knocking!” list, but you’d be surprised how different your entire apartment can feel when your bedroom reflects your style.

Does your bedroom seem dreary and unimaginative? Is the bedroom the one room that gets closed off when you throw a party in your apartment?

An apartment bedroom shouldn’t be a dungeon or dead space. Not only do you spend a considerable amount of time in the bedroom, but your days begin and end in your apartment bedroom. Maybe you’ve been avoiding your bedroom because of its lack of panache, and giving it new life will free you to use it for downtime, studying, reading and laptop websurfing. Especially if you live in a studio apartment, your apartment bedroom takes up a large part of your living area. Use that bedroom space well!

How to Maximize Your Apartment’s Bedroom

Organizing your apartment bedroom should be your first step, of course, and we’ve discussed that in a previous Apartment Life blog. You might also want to check out our previous posts on decorating your apartment.

Once you’ve got the apartment bedroom tidied, then what?

  • Bring light into the bedroom. Not only does light make your apartment’s bedroom seem more inviting, but it creates a feeling of space. Use natural light during the day; you can always close the bedroom blinds for shut-eye.
  • Color = life. Most apartments have unoffensive paint palettes so renters can fit any furnishings they want without clashing. This means it’s up to you to breathe life into your apartment bedroom with bright fabrics, bedspreads, throws, rugs, furniture, throw pillows and drapes.
  • Don’t forget the bed. Unsurprisingly, the bed dominates the bedroom. A dramatic four-post bed or sleigh bed can make a huge difference. If that’s not in the budget, draped fabrics, a stylish headboard or interesting fabrics can remake your apartment bedroom.
  • Choose a theme for your bedroom. Random objects of beauty are interesting but don’t have the same effect as a coordinated bedroom theme. Not everything in the apartment bedroom has to match, but try to make a statement or emphasize something you love, like travel, the ocean, wildlife or a favorite movie.
  • Take some chances. Just because your bedroom linens came in matched colors doesn’t mean you have to paint by numbers. Mix your pillow cases, put fantastic art or fabrics on your walls, and try new things. Have fun with it! It’s your bedroom, after all. It’s not like they will be covering your apartment design choices on the ten o’clock news…!

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