5 Creative Ways to Store Your Bike in an Apartment

Your road bike is your life — but it takes up all the room in your apartment. It’s time to give your bike a home of its own! Here are some creative storage ideas to keep your bike out of your way, but in arms-reach when you need to go for a ride.

1. Hang your bike vertically

The easiest way to store your bicycle is simply by installing hooks in the ceiling to hang your bike when not in use. While not the most aesthetically pleasing option, it is extremely cost-effective and a real space saver. This is a great bike storage solution if you have an apartment balcony or covered parking (p.s. explore top ways to organize your outdoor storage space on a budget with these helpful tips!). If you don’t have an outdoor option and absolutely must hang your bike somewhere prominent in your apartment like the living room or bedroom, consider surrounding this ad-hoc storage space with a colorful curtain.

2. Use a gravity stand for no-drill storage

Another option for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of drilling holes into apartment ceilings or walls is a gravity stand. A gravity stand simply leans up against the wall, without requiring any sort of stabilization. While a bit more costly than a simple hook, it is a great bike storage idea for a small apartment. And — as a bonus — some gravity stands can hold up to two bikes!

3. Make your bike a piece of art

Consider turning your cycling hobby into a 3-D piece of wall art. For an industrial, low-tech look, you could also opt for some hooks or brackets to hang your bike horizontally. Alternatively, if visual appeal is of utmost importance to you in your space, a bike shelf is a great idea when it comes to ensuring your bike storage is as beautiful — and practical — as possible. Bike shelves are half-bookshelf and half-bike rack, making them perfect for studio apartments or people who are tight on space in general.

4. Hide it behind furniture

This solution is the most hassle-free and budget-friendly of all. Why not slide your bike behind your already existing furniture? If you have a high-backed sofa or a large bookshelf, you can easily keep your bike out of sight, while still ensuring it’s within reach whenever you need to pedal off on your next adventure.

5. Take advantage of the staircase

If your apartment has a staircase, don’t let that space go to waste. You might not be able to use the underside of the stairs for much, but it’s a great way to maximize storage space in compact living areas. You could just slip your bike underneath the stairs, or install hooks from above to optimize your storage options — after all, your bike probably isn’t the only thing you need to make room for in a cramped apartment.

While there are plenty of creative ways to store your bike in a small apartment, if you can’t seem to find the right one, consider searching for a bigger apartment, or explore apartment communities with on-site bike storage. Start your search with ApartmentSearch today. You can explore by apartment size, amenities, or both!