Apartment Decorating Tips: Part 1

A modern looking living room with light wood floors and white leather seating. It’s getting a little chillier outside, and if you’d rather stay indoors than host a balcony BBQ, consider working on a new apartment decorating project. Whether you’re just moving in or well into your lease, incorporating some classier elements into your apartment decorating scheme will make for a much more cozy and pleasant home on winter nights and beyond. Some of these projects take enough time and energy to be ideal only for those who are planning to stay in a current apartment for at least another year or more. Others are quick, easy and worth the small effort or cost at any point in your lease.

White vinyl shutter blinds are standard-issue window dressings in many apartment complexes. To set your space apart and lend a classier, more homey vibe, install curtains you’ve picked out yourself in the windows. It will lend a personal touch and a hint of whimsy or drama to apartments. There are even some apartment decorating tricks you can pull to make your space feel larger using curtains. Extend the curtain rod out past the window frame a few extra inches on either side, or hang a long pair from ceiling to floor to expand the look of the entire window.

One of the simplest ways to open up your space is adding more light. When you invest in new light fixtures such as desk or floor lamps, you’ll be impressed at what a difference this small change can make. Light adds interest and makes any apartment feel more warm and welcoming. Don’t worry about matching your fixtures, as a variety of shapes and styles actually adds texture and glow to the lighting scheme.

If the purchase or rental of furniture is on your priority list for apartment decorating, keep a few considerations in mind. For starters, you’ll want to make sure the furniture is physically proportionate to your space. This usually means choosing relatively smaller couches and coffee tables. When the furniture fits both your taste and your space, you’ll find an apartment can actually appear larger with furniture in it than without.

Next week, we’ll discuss a few more ideas for apartment decorating to make your temporary dwelling feel more like home. When your senses are pleased and comfortable at home, a lot of things in life fall into place. Still on the hunt for an apartment to transform? ApartmentSearch.com is the best place to start your search. Check out our great listings of Dallas apartmentsPhoenix apartmentsAustin apartmentsSeattle apartments and many more nationwide.