Apartment Decorating Tips: Part 2

An attractive bedroom with a well-made bed with a grey headboard, mirrored side table, and matching table lamps.We’re back with some more ideas, big and small, to help jump-start your apartment decorating plans this season. Like we mentioned last week, fall is the perfect season for reevaluating your apartment’s decor scheme. You’ll want the space to feel as cozy and homey as possible entering into the colder months, when more time is spent indoors. Some of these tips are simple and budget-friendly, so you won’t need to spend much time or money updating a temporary home.  On the other hand, for those motivated apartment-dwellers who plan to stay in their current apartments for longer than one year, we have some more involved ideas. Larger improvements such as adding new furniture are frequently worth the investment of energy and funds to create a truly comfortable, classy home environment.

In small spaces, one important thing to keep in mind is that when designating areas to serve specific living purposes, base decisions on your personal priorities. For example, you may not necessarily need a dining room for hosting guests, so don’t feel pressure to make space for one just because it’s traditional. You may or may not need a workspace and a desk, so base this apartment decorating judgement on your own preferences and lifestyle priorities. This is a great time to rethink current furniture arrangements and consider re-purposing certain rooms or areas that are being underused.

A more simple way to make your apartment decorating feel more luxe is to invest in new or additional bed linens. It’s a myth that many layers of blankets, sheets and pillows in a small bedroom can overwhelm. In fact, it adds to the coziness and warmth of the room (and your bed). Fine linens layered in varying but complementary fabrics or textures can make the bedroom seem airier and give it depth. After all, bedrooms are frequently the largest spaces in an apartment, so try to maximize the potential.

Mounting floating shelves where you have free wall space is sleek way to add storage without clutter. They work great in bathrooms for stacks of towels, bath products or candles, or in the living room for displaying knick knacks, paintings and more. This project results in a contemporary look and feel that can make a major difference in any apartment decorating scheme.

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