Apartment Living: Designing The Entryway

Empty luxury apartment with hardwood floors and marble kitchen island.The entryway of your apartment sets the mood for your home and often gives off a lasting first impression. Make your apartment living space more cozy and memorable by incorporating these tips for organizing the entryway:

Use the entryway closet – If you are lucky enough to have a closet by the front door, this is a perfect place to make room for outerwear, shoes, and other items you may need as you leave your home. At the bare minimum, make sure to have extra hangers, a shoe rack, and a loop hanger for scarves, leashes, and extra bags. If your apartment living entry space does not include a closet, place a coat hanger by the door and a woven basket for shoes.

Have a temporary resting place for your personal belongings – Your keys, cell phone, purse, and shopping bags all need a space for when you walk in the door. Some options include hanging key hooks and a small side table near the door for discarding things when you have your hands full. Having a place for your daily items will also save you time. It is a nifty apartment living tip – When you are ready to walk out the door, you will already know where your important belongings are sitting.

Organize papers – Incoming and outgoing mail can pile up quickly in your apartment living entryway. Manage the flow of paper daily by setting up a designated space for it: Create 2 separate piles for outgoing and incoming mail. Keep both a discard bin and a flexible accordion file near the mail pile. By having a routine and a system you can easily sort the mail as it comes in.

Install a chalkboard or whiteboard – Write reminders for yourself so that you do not forget things as you leave your home. An erasable writeboard can also serve as a reliable scratch pad. How many instances have you found yourself scrambling around your apartment living room to find a pen and paper during an important phone call?

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