Apartment Living: How to Store Decorations

apartment livingApartment living calls for good organization, especially when it comes to storage. With the holidays almost over, it’s time to think about how to stow your Christmas decorations for another year. Taking the time to get organized this year will make next year’s decorating go more smoothly. We’ve got some storage suggestions that can make apartment living a little tidier.

Get prepared. To start, gather the materials you’ll need. Good apartment living storage options include clear plastic boxes, shoeboxes, and large zip-top plastic bags. If you have precious ornaments, you may want to invest in archival storage boxes. Tissue paper and bubble wrap are also handy. Have a permanent marker on hand to label your containers. Then get busy!

Make a “first box.” You’ll find future apartment living simpler if you start by making one box that holds first things you will need as the holidays approach. For instance, it might include your holiday cards, gift paper and ribbon, tape, gift tags, and tree stand. Label this one “first box” and put it on top when you store your holiday items.

Store your decorations. Apartment living is merrier when you decorate for the holidays. When it’s time to take your decorations down, store them properly and label each large container.

Ornaments. Use plastic or archival boxes with individual compartments. Sort ornaments by size and durability. Wrap glass ones in tissue paper or bubble wrap. Ornaments are light, so you could put all your ornament boxes into one large plastic storage box.

Lights. Nothing brightens up apartment living like twinkling holiday lights. To store them, wind each strand carefully and place it in its own large zip-top bag or shoebox. Put all the bags or boxes of lights into one larger storage box.

Wreaths. Wreaths can be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in its own box. Store the wreath hanger with your wreath.

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