Blah Apartment? 4 Apps That Can Help You Make It Stylish

Couple laying on the floor with unopened moving boxes, looking for decorating ideasWe can’t all have Martha Stewart’s eye for colors, patterns, and centerpieces. With today’s technology, however, we don’t really need to! Even the most aesthetically oblivious person can create their dream apartment with a little help. Check out these top smartphone apps that can help you transform a lackluster apartment into your stylish oasis – in a snap!

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

The free Houzz app is basically a one-stop shop for all of your home design needs. Browse through millions of photos to find inspiration for your own space. Filter photos by interior or exterior, and by room and style. Make your own notes right on the photos with the Sketch feature and share them with friends, family, and roommates. Get advice and ideas in the Advice section of the app, and read articles from design experts for various tips and tricks!


If you enjoyed playing Sims as a kid, you’ll love Neybers. With this app, you can create custom rooms using app templates or create your own with your camera. You can change the floor, ceilings, and windows, and add furniture and decor from your favorite brands and designers. Plus, you can share your creations to social media to get feedback and suggestions!

Design Home

Technically this app is a game… but consider it great practice for designing your own ideal home! Style and set up a high-rise loft or a beachfront bungalow using pieces from popular, high-end brands. Check out creations from other users to get inspiration and vote on your favorites. Create a room you absolutely love? You can actually shop the furniture and decor in the app! Not only will you learn about putting together a beautiful room, you’ll be able to see all sorts of pieces available for purchase.


Believe it or not, Pinterest can actually do more than just make you feel inadequate! You can browse thousands of DIY ideas for your space and find step-by-step instructions to make the beautiful creations you’ve seen on the app. It’s also great for getting specific inspiration. For example, have a red couch you want to use? Search “red couch” on Pinterest and see how other users have created rooms around their red couch.

All of these apps are helpful and fun, but want to know one of the most affordable ways to get a stylish apartment with the absolute least amount of effort? Rent your furniture! Pick each then let the professionals take care of everything else. The style is guaranteed and the process couldn’t be simpler. Learn more about CORT furniture rental today! Your perfect home is only a few clicks away.