Cheap (But Stylish) DIY Apartment Decorations to Welcome Fall

Fall pumpkins, candle votives and cozy blankets for apartment decoratingThe first official day of fall is September 22! Grab a pumpkin spice latte (and a glue gun) to start the season off right with these DIY fall decorations for your apartment, made from materials that you can find at the dollar store or on a nature walk!

  • Pine over these jars of lights! Grab some battery operated string lights, some pine cones, and a mason jar and create an ambiance that screams “let’s jump in a pile of leaves.”
  • Create rustic candles from scratch. A simple mason jar, tea light (or any other) candle, and some sticks from a nature walk are the only things you need to say sayonara to expensive apartment decor! Simply snip or break the sticks to be the same length as the jar, and hot glue them all around it. Put the candle inside, and voila! Instant woody goodness.
  • Update your kitchen cabinets. All you need is some twine and a bit of glue! Wrap the twine around the cabinet handles to create a fun fall look that’s still subtle and easy to remove when winter rolls around! (And it won’t upset the landlord!)
  • Pump up the pumpkins. Nothing says fall like pumpkins, but who wants boring ol’ orange when you can add some fun to them? Use metallic spray paint to create a modern pumpkin look, or even hot glue some rhinestones to glam up any area!
  • Leave the money behind… and use leaves from either outside or your local craft store to create a garland. Hot glue them to string lights or thread a fishing line through them and strew them about the house in any place that could use a little leaf decor.
  • Become a flower-picking pro. If nothing else, there are loads of flowers, dandelions, and heck, even cute twigs out there in nature. Collect them and either pop ‘em in a mason jar or vase, or wrap them with twine for a super cute way to add some rustic details around the house.
  • Freshen up! Another affordable way to give your apartment a fresh face for fall? Rent furniture! Shop by piece or package, and change things up in as little as 48 hours. Check out CORT furniture rental to find out how!