Cheap Ways to Personalize a Furnished Apartment

Furnished apartment personalized with multi-color geometric accent pillow on grey couch and bouquet of fall flowersWhile the convenience of a short-term, furnished rental can’t be beat, it can be tricky to transform this kind of space into a place that truly feels like home. When you’re renting both the space and the furniture that fills it, you might picture living in a hotel room. Not so fast! There are plenty of ways that you can easily (and cheaply!) add your own special touches to your apartment with just a bit of creativity. Check out these simple ways to make your furnished rental feel like home in no time!

Add your own accent pieces

Adding your own flair to a rental can make a huge difference. Hang curtains to soften up the entire look of a room and place a rug over hard floors to warm them up and add a little color. Roll out a table runner or lay out placemats on your kitchen table to make it look inviting. It’ll be prime for your Pinterest-worthy meal! Make your living room feel cozy and welcoming by adding throw pillows and blankets in your favorite colors. None of these additions require too much time or money, but they can each make a furnished apartment feel like your apartment.

Decorate your walls

Bare walls are anything but “homey.” In many rentals you aren’t permitted to paint your walls, but there are plenty of other ways to spruce them up. Hang up a big tapestry for instant color and even noise control. To make your walls uniquely “you,” add some posters from your favorite movies or bands. Finally, print out some photos of your family and friends so you can be “surrounded” by your favorite people in your temporary home!

It’s all in the details

Don’t underestimate the power of special little touches. Burn a scented candle that makes your apartment smell just like mom’s house. Apple pie anyone? Maybe some cinnamon toasted pecans? Pick up a bouquet of flowers next time you’re running errands too, and use it as a centerpiece to brighten up your kitchen or living room. Fill your shelves with your favorite books, trinkets, and mementos from trips. These little things are easy to pack and unpack, regardless of the length of your lease.

Customize your décor, even your rental furniture

When you choose your own furniture and décor, it’s much easier to make your apartment feel like home. That’s exactly why CORT allows you to handpick the pieces that will go in your space, whether you’re there for one month or one year. Head to to select everything from your bed linens to designer selected art collections. Then, let them do all the hard work and heavy lifting for you! Not only do you get the style and comfort you want in your home, but you get it STRESS-FREE. Talk about #winning at this whole “life” thing.

Renting a furnished apartment doesn’t have to mean settling for a stark, one-size-fits-all space. The options for sprucing up an apartment are endless, and you can fill every inch of that space with your personality and unique sense of style. Head to to find your next apartment and to see furnished apartment prices in your city today!