How to Move Big Stuff Without a Big Truck

Renting a big truck can be difficult, expensive, and inconvenient—but how else are you going to move that 8’ x 15’ table to your sweet new apartment? Don’t fret. Moving without a truck is definitely possible; it just takes a little ingenuity and patience. Read on for some of your best alternative moving options.

Option #1: Break It Down—All the Way Down

Most bed frames, TV stands, sectional couches, tables, and other large furniture pieces will come apart. It may require some finagling and unscrewing, but you could save truckloads of money by moving larger furniture items in several smaller pieces with your regular vehicle.

Option #2: Rent a Little Truck!

Did you know you can rent a pickup truck or cargo van for only $19 from Home Depot? They call them Load ‘n Go Rentals. And if that doesn’t suit your fancy, check Craigslist. There are plenty of “Man with a Van” listings where people will offer vehicles for rent or even to handle that pesky pickup themselves!

Option #3: Rent a Trailer That Hitches to Your Vehicle

A trailer might be a better option for drivability and convenience. Before you install a hitch and rent the trailer though, research your vehicle’s make/model to ensure it can handle the load. Many sedans can tow up to 2,000 pounds, including 2016/2017 Ford Fusions. (But remember that number includes anything loaded in your vehicle, too.) If your vehicle manufacturer gives the A-OK for towing, then hitch up a trailer, load it up, and you’re off to your new place!

Option #4: Phone a Friend

Ask to borrow your friend’s pickup truck. Don’t know anyone with a vehicle big enough? Reach out to your network with a Facebook post or Twitter message. Hopefully, people will come to your rescue!

Option #5: Get a Charitable Donation Center to Pick Up Your Stuff

If you have big stuff you don’t want to move or simply can’t, organizations such as Goodwill or Habitat For Humanity will come and get your donations—even big items like furniture or appliances—right at your doorstep.

Option #6: Rent with CORT!

Don’t hassle with your old furniture. Take the stress out of furnishing your new apartment with a CORT Furniture Rental. Get the exact amount of furniture you need to match your budget and your space. Plus, when you rent furniture with CORT, we’ll deliver your new furniture and set it up exactly where you want it.