Crowded Apartment? Search our Holiday Seating Ideas for Solutions

apartment hosting seatingNot all apartments are created equal when it comes to clearing space for guests.  Even though your apartment search may have turned up the apartment that’s just right for you, maybe it’s a little too cozy for a family gathering; maybe the apartment’s layout is too awkward to accommodate traditional seating options; or maybe you simply don’t have enough chairs!  Whatever your reason for needing a better way to seat your guests during a holiday party in your apartment, search no more for solutions.  Here is’s guide to finding ways to comfortably seat your party guests in your apartment.  Search your home or go shopping for these creative (and easy!) storage solutions.

Space-Efficient Seating

If you’re low on space to keep extra seating, consider getting a set of stacked stools.  When not in use, they can be stored under a coffee table or in a closet with ease.  Likewise, you can scatter a few extra chairs, either cushy or sturdy, in nooks throughout your home. Add a personal touch to a bathroom with a low ottoman or a small armchair, or place a chair in the corner of your bedroom.  Then when guests arrive, simply pull those chairs from their respective rooms and put them out for your guests.

Alternative Seating

Looking for seating ideas that don’t include traditional chairs?  For the kids, get some big floor cushions out for comfy, playful seating.  You can always stack them in the corner or put them under a bed when you’re not using them.  You can also use a low, large upholstered ottoman as a coffee table; then, when guests arrive, clear it off so it can double as relaxed living room seating in your apartment.

Search the Apartment for More

If you don’t want to buy new seating for your apartment, search your other rooms for seating that you can repurpose. A trunk or bench sitting at the foot of a bed could be pulled up to a dining room table, while ottomans, desk chairs, and footstools in other rooms can be corralled into a central location.

Change of Location

If it’s not freezing yet and you have a few space heaters, consider moving a table of guests, or even the whole party, onto your patio, backyard, or balcony. Supply party-goers with blankets and hot chocolate so they can keep warm and have fun.

Give Your Seating Tips!

Any seating ideas we missed?  How have you made your apartment ready for holiday guests this year?  Check out on Twitter and Facebook and give us your seating tips!