A Guide to Furniture Rental Feng Shui

CORT Plaza Living Room SetWhen you retreat back home from long day, are you coming back to a place of rest? If not, a little feng shui may be the answer. Start with the room that welcomes you home – the living room. Here are 6 simple ways you can achieve balance in your living room with your furniture rental pieces.

1. Stay organized and clutter-free
A living room that is clean and clutter-free is a good foundation of feng shui. Little things lying around the living room aren’t just an eyesore; they disturb the balance of the room. Solution: Use a cocktail table with drawers (think the Union Square Cocktail Table) and give small items like remote controls a new home so they’re out of sight and off your mind.

2. Let in air and light
Getting in as much natural light air in a room is key to good feng shui. However, if your living room happens to have fewer or smaller windows, don’t worry. Decorate your living room with mirrors by placing a few Lily White Mirrors around the living room to help bring the natural light in. Open up your windows from time to time to let in fresh air. You can also add an aromatherapy diffuser to bring the benefits of pure essential oils into the room.

3. Keep it practical
We’ve all heard the phrase “simple is best,” and it’s certainly true for feng shui. Don’t furnish your living room with a plethora of unnecessary end tables. Choose your pieces with purpose so you have exactly what you need; no excess. A collection like the Plaza with Mandalay Woven Living Room Set can help your room stay practical and peaceful.

4. Choose a color scheme
Color can have the biggest impact on our moods. To make your living room a welcoming place, choose calming colors for your décor. (A great example? The Cruze with Colfax Living Room.) Soft hues like pastel yellow, lavender, and light blues invite healing energy into the room.

5. Vary your shapes
When it comes to choosing décor, the shapes in your space can make a big difference. Certain shapes express specific feng shui elements. For instance, squares represent earth; rectangles, wood; triangles, fire; and round and oval shapes, metal. When all of these elements are present in a room the space feels more complete. Choose a variety of furnishings that have different shapes so you have a complete, calming room.

6. Bring in balance
Finally, bring your feng shui style together by perfecting the layout of your living room. Create a sense of security by placing larger pieces (like sofas) against the wall for the feeling of protection. Don’t have the space for that kind of layout? Move a console behind the sofa and top it off with tall study lamps. It can also help to add a mirror opposite the sofa so you can see behind you.