Hotel vs Furnished Apartment: How To Choose

African American man and woman packing for short term move with red suitcase between themMoving for work? After an internship far away? Playing like George Clooney in Up in the Air? You’ll need somewhere to stay for the next few months, and finding good temporary housing can be quite a hassle. Hotels are always an option but if you’re looking for something a little more personal than a suitcase and generic artwork, you may want to take a peek at furnished apartments in your new area. Apartments offer not only greater space and amenities at a better price, they also offer you somewhere to really call home, at least for a little while!

Hotel vs furnished apartment: What’s the difference?

Both are just a place to sleep and store your luggage…right? Eh, we beg to differ. While both options will take care of your most basic needs, your choice will have a major effect on your next few months.

There are four major differences:

  • The Space. Here’s the most basic difference: would you rather have a room or a full apartment? At a hotel, you’ll be stuck with a pretty standard bedroom/bathroom. It’ll be nice, but bland. With a furnished apartment, you’ll be living in a space of your own: eat dinner at a full table, watch TV from your sofa, and go to sleep in a room you can truly personalize. When you’re going to go weeks away from home, having your own space to return to can make all the difference.
  • The Food. It can be so refreshing to have a taste of home while away, whether that’s shrimp and grits or deep dish pizza. Having a functioning kitchen for a cozy breakfast or your go-to comfort dinner goes a long ways in making your temporary residence a lot more welcoming. As an added bonus, cooking at least some of your food could save you some serious cash!
  • The Building. An announcement from Captain Obvious here: hotel guests are always changing. That means you don’t know your neighbors and you don’t have much control over who’s entering your building. While you may not be able to choose your neighbors in an apartment, at least you’ll know who they are. If security is a biggie for you, you can even find an apartment building with added security measures so only residents can come and go. Bonus!
  • The Other Amenities. At hotels, it’s wonderful to have a maid. No need to make your bed or scrub the toilet when someone’s already doing it for you. Most hotels will even do your laundry for you at an added cost. These services may not come standard with a furnished apartment but with a 40% savings over hotel stays, as estimated by Tripping, the trade-off is worth it. You can always hire out for select services if you need them, too!

When you use, any apartment can become a furnished apartment. Pick a complex near your new workplace or in your favorite part of town—you’re in control. Click on the complex you’re interested in and scroll down to “Need It Furnished,” and see just how affordable it can be to furnish any apartment in as little as 48 hours.