How to Spruce Up Your Space Using Your Tax Refund

Happy Couple Updating Apartment with Tax RefundIt’s that time of year again: time for tax paperwork that couldn’t be more complicated (bleghk) and a big fat check that couldn’t be more glorious (huzzah)! It’s time for your tax refund, and according to the IRS, this year’s average tax refund is a whopping $3,120. With that kind of money, you could go on a sandy beach vacation AND treat yourself to something nice. Why not give your apartment the makeover it’s been waiting for and upgrade your decor? Here’s how in three easy steps!

First, Identify Problem Areas

Does this sound familiar? Your friends are coming over for a marathon session of Vampire Diaries and you’re straightening up. You’re doing a little vacuuming, a little dusting, and then you see it–again–the hole in your couch from when your roommate’s Pomeranian decided to go postal. You’ve been meaning to find a new couch but haven’t had the time or funds.

With your tax refund check in hand, now may be the perfect time! Take another look around your apartment for the areas you tend to make excuses for. Is there a bookshelf you’ve been meaning to paint? An accent chair you’ve been meaning to dress up with new throw pillows? Or a lamp you’ve been meaning to donate?

Next, Define Your (New) Style

You’ve picked out the problem areas. Great! Before diving headfirst into a trend like mirrored side tables or velvet dining chairs, take a few moments to think about what really irks you about the areas you identified. Is the color of the bookshelf too dark? The accent chair too boring? The lamp too retro?

Now’s your chance to define, or redefine your style. Start a Pinterest board of home decor styles you love, or check out one of our favorites, CORT Furniture. Whether you’re a modern minimalist, a coastal connoisseur, or just love dramatic splashes of purple, you’ll find awesome inspiration in their boards!    

Finally, Pick Out New Furniture

Time for the best part of all–picking out your new furniture and decor! Stretch your style, and your budget, by renting your furniture. You can personalize an entire room with a completely new look or pick out just a few new pieces of furniture. Then, see how you (and your friends) like it. Keep the furniture for a few months or a few years. It’s up to you. Check out the link above to discover new looks for your dining room, bedroom, and beyond, and see how easy furniture rentals can be!

With a tax refund check as big as the IRS says they’ve been dishing out, imagine the possibilities. You could fly to London, buy 300 medium, one-topping pizzas, or buy your roommate a better (and nicer) Pomeranian. Or, with your feet propped up on a brand new ottoman, you could make your next Vampire Diaries viewing party a night your friends will never forget!