Four Myths About Renting A Furnished Apartment

Young hipster male and female couple home eating pizza with laptop and dog“Furnished apartments aren’t stylish.” “Furnished apartments cost a fortune!” “There’s no personality in furnished apartments.” “Only certain apartments come furnished.” Okay, we’ve heard it all. There are so many myths about furnished apartments and not nearly enough time to debunk them all. Find out the truth behind these four big myths and give ApartmentSearch a try today!

Myth #1: Furnished apartments aren’t stylish.

When some people hear “furnished apartment,” they immediately visualize a worn, outdated furniture set that looks like it may have belonged to the Brady Bunch at one point. While that kind of furnished apartment may exist, it’s not what you’ll get with ApartmentSearch! In fact, you’ll be able to choose the furniture that fills your space, and it’ll be whatever style you desire. A furnished apartment can be as chic and trendy as they come.

Myth #2: Furnished apartments are too pricey for me.

Renting a furnished apartment has to be exponentially more expensive than renting an empty apartment… right? Wrong! Renting a furnished apartment can actually be a financially savvy choice for people who are moving somewhere temporarily or just move around a lot (because hey, there’s always a new adventure out there!). Instead of purchasing expensive furniture and paying to move it from place to place, you can lower your start-up costs and skip the hassle by renting a furnished place. Plus, ApartmentSearch allows you to see instant prices of apartments if you choose to have them furnished, so you won’t get any surprises.

Myth #3: Furnished apartments have no personality.

If you picture a sterile hotel room or a bare-bones college dorm, you’re not alone. However, you are mistaken! Renting a furnished apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have an apartment that feels cozy and uniquely yours. First and foremost, you can choose your own furniture! This means that every single piece in your apartment can be handpicked, and what’s more personal than that? Go with a shabby chic couch in the living room, coastal bathroom accessories, and an ultra-luxurious look for your bedroom. Whatever makes you happy! Then, take it one step further and use these tips to personalize your furnished apartment.

Myth #4: Only certain apartments come furnished.

You might think you have to really hunt for apartments that are advertised as furnished, and that they’re few and far-between. Who has time for that? Luckily, that’s just a myth. You can furnish any apartment with ApartmentSearch’s help! If you find the apartment of your dreams, you’re only a few clicks away from getting that apartment furnished.

Now that we’ve debunked the most common furnished apartment myths, it’s time to find your next home sweet home. With, any apartment can be a furnished apartment. Simply select the apartment complex of your choice and scroll down to “Need It Furnished?” Then, choose the right furniture set for your needs and get an instant estimate. Furnished apartments for rent have never been easier to find!