6 Places to Add Happy Pops of Color in a Furnished Apartment

Pink pouf in foreground and colorful pillows and couch in backgroundPsst… hey, you! Do you live in a furnished apartment? Do you feel like your living space is boring? It’s time to change that with a healthy dose of your favorite color! You may think it’s impossible to showcase your personality in a furnished apartment without damaging or altering the space and furniture. But with a little creativity, you can easily add your own unique style. If you’re ready to make your furnished apartment look amazing and feel like home, check out a few places you can add happy splashes of color!

1. The Couch

Blankets & Throw Pillows

Maybe the furniture in your apartment is completely neutral and you’re itching to spice it up a bit. What better way to do that than with a few colorful pillows or blankets on your couch or bed? This can add personality, of course, but it’ll also make your space super cozy and comfortable for those weekend Netflix binges. Pass the remote, please!

2. Side Tables

Picture Frames

Adding personal photos of your loved ones can help you feel at home in your apartment, especially if you live far away from family or friends. Make those pictures serve two purposes by choosing brightly colored frames to display them in! Warm your heart with joyful memories and add some pizzazz to your apartment all at once.

3. The Floor

Area Rugs

Most of us think of the floor as, well, just the floor. But what if you made your floor into a work of art? Find an area rug in your favorite color to cover the space below your coffee table, or use a unique runner to create interest in a hallway. Make a creative statement and give your feet a little more comfy cushion to walk around on, too.

4. Ledges & Big Tables

Plants in Bright Containers

Plants are a wonderful way to bring a taste of the outdoors into your apartment. Take it a step further and plant something small in a colorful pot or container. Choose a plant that’s easy to take care of (like a succulent, aloe plant, or even blooming cactus) and your apartment will feel a little brighter with some nature in it—no green thumb required.

5. The Kitchen

Appliances or Storage

Whether you like cooking or not, bring some color into your kitchen! Find an eye-catching kettle that can sit out on your stove or use colorful canisters to hold flour, sugar, and your go-to morning coffee beans. With neutral colored appliances, it just takes a few personal touches to take your kitchen from boring to beautiful. Plus, these are all things you can easily tote to your next place.

6. Shelves & Open Areas

Unique, Colorful Decor

If your apartment has a shelving area, dress it up by filling it with colorful décor, like vintage plates or cups in a kitchen, or even colorful books and trinkets on a built-in shelf. If you’re a collector, displaying your collection in your furnished apartment is a wonderful way to add color and make the space your own!

As you’ve probably already figured out, furnished apartments are a hassle-free option that save you the trouble of moving or purchasing furniture. With furniture rental packages, the crew at CORT can help you turn ANY apartment into a furnished apartment! Just choose your apartment, rent your furniture, and add splashes of color to personalize your furnished apartment. Ready to get started? Check out CORT’s furniture rental packages today!