spare room ideasTypically, when we think of apartments and space, we tend to think in terms of limitations.  However, there are plenty of apartments that have room (or rooms) to spare.  Whether it’s due to a roommate leaving, the desire for additional space, or planning for a large family down the road, extra rooms exist for many reasons.  Though their presence is, ideally, welcome, figuring out how to best put them to use can pose a bit of a challenge.

Extra space can seem like such a blessing, but when you can’t figure out what to do with it, it can be a real thorn in your side, especially if it just becomes a catch-all for stuff you’re meaning to throw away or donate, just not right now.  That’s why we’ve put together some ideas to help kick-start your mental process.  Wasted space, begone!

A classic (and very safe) idea for a spare room is to convert it into a home office.  For this, you can simply move your computer into the room and furnish it with a desk and some shelves.  This approach, while not the most innovative spare room idea, will do wonders for your productivity, as people tend to be more productive in spaces specifically designated as work areas.

Another idea is to convert the room into a guest room, which is especially useful for those who receive lots of visitors.  Don’t want people crashing in your own space?  Buy some simple home exercise equipment and turn it into a workout room.  Don’t think you have enough energy to make constant use of that?  Perhaps a quiet reading/lounging room is more up your alley.

As you can see, there really are limitless ideas for what you can do with a spare room.  Remember this: The primary guiding principle, when making a decision, is utility.  It doesn’t matter how creative you get with your extra room if you never end up using it.  If you come up with something that you’ll use time and again, you’ll be more than happy with the results.

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