4 Studio Decorating Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Do you call a studio apartment home sweet home? If so, you face the challenge—or maybe the thrill—of making your small space truly feel like home. With the right mix of furnishing and décor, studio apartments can become open, roomy, and welcoming spaces. With the wrong furnishings and decor, it can seemed cramped and downright dysfunctional. Make sure your studio apartment is the best it can be by avoiding these four small-space decorating no-nos!

1. Using the space like one big room.

Yes, your studio apartment is technically one big room. However, you can create separate areas with specific functions with just a few simple tricks! Try setting up a temporary room divider to create the feel of a “bedroom.” Use an area rug to distinguish your living room from your dining space. You could even use a bookcase for double duty—it can divide two areas of your apartment, while also giving you extra storage space. Distinguishing spaces as your bedroom, living space, kitchen, and dining space will help you keep your studio apartment tidy and maximize the function of your small space.

2. Leaving unused space.

In a small space, it’s a big mistake to leave unused or underutilized space. Make every square inch of space serve a purpose! For example, consider raising your bed onto a platform so you can store clothes and shoes underneath, or even lofting your bed to open up some serious floor space! With a few string lights and some decorations, you’ve created a cozy spot for game night or at-home happy hour with friends. Cheers to that!

No dining room? The corners of a studio apartment can make great dining areas – just add two benches and a small table. Got space above your kitchen cabinets? Use decorative baskets to store little-used items there, or add a few décor items to give your kitchen personality without taking up valuable counter space. If you’re dealing with super limited storage space, don’t miss some of our favorite storage solution ideas. Whatever you do, don’t write off any nook or cranny in your apartment. You can turn any bit of space­—no matter how large or small— into something that truly enhances your studio apartment.

3. Using furniture that doesn’t fit the space.

If you drive a small car, you wouldn’t try to fit a full-sized refrigerator in your trunk, right? As crazy that sounds, it’s the same concept that many studio dwellers forget. When you try to put large furniture into your studio apartment, it doesn’t work! Pay close attention to the scale of your furniture when you’re decorating your studio apartment. Pieces that are too large can get in the way – after all, no one wants to trip over a giant armchair when they get up for a midnight snack! The opposite can be a problem too. Furniture that’s too small can make your studio apartment feel even smaller. With a bit of creativity, you can strategically select furniture that fits your studio perfectly!

4. Buying furniture for a short period of time.

Maybe you’re planning to live in your studio apartment for years to come, but maybe you’re not sure if your current city will be your long-term home. If you want your space to feel like home but you’re not ready to commit to buying furniture, renting your furniture is the perfect solution. Wherever life takes you, CORT furniture rental can make furniture faux pas a thing of the past!

CORT makes it easy to furnish your studio apartment—without purchasing furniture that you’ll be stuck with for years. Find furniture and décor you love, and then rent piece-by-piece. If you need a little extra assistance in choosing the best items for your space, let CORT help you design a room and rent everything at once. If you decide to move to a new apartment in the future, furniture rental from CORT will save you the hassle of moving a bulky couches and tables to your new home. Are you ready to maximize your studio apartment with the perfect furniture? Learn more about CORT furniture rental today!