Tips for Decorating a Bachelor Pad

African American man coming home from work and opening door of apartment into kitchenWhether it’s your mom, friend, or new significant other that happens to “pop in,” it’s bound to happen: someone will want to see your apartment. Bachelor pads have the stigma of being very “Bond-esque,” but how practical is a secret door that’s hidden behind a sleek bookshelf? Here are some tips on how to pull off a bachelor pad when you’re not saving the world (but could easily be mistaken for trying).

Ditch the Ninja Turtle sheets. Where you lay your head at night says a lot about who you are, so make sure that the bedroom furniture you have matches the dude you want to be! A mattress on the floor isn’t going to cut it. Get a proper bed (bonus points if it has a headboard!) and a nightstand for each side. Your water glass and alarm clock will thank you.

Dress up your windows. No one wants to see the generic blinds that most rented apartments and townhomes come with. They tend to be great at accumulating dust, and not so great at anything else. Spruce up a room by adding basic curtains! Nothing fancy, but it makes a huge difference when walking into a space.

Don’t leave those walls bare. Apartments with no art on the walls tend to look very sterile – definitely not a word that you want to describe your apartment. Draw attention to fun pieces of art that make the room pop. It’s a great way to show off your style, too!

Stock up your kitchen. Time to ditch those reusable sporting event cups! Invest in dinnerware with proper plates, bowls, and utensils. Bonus points for placemats on your table! (And yes, you can still eat cereal out of a proper bowl without judgment.)

Don’t forget about the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom! When guests come over, it’ll likely be the only other room they visit besides your main living area. Even if it’s a small bathroom, there’s still plenty you can do to spruce it up and even increase your storage. Have a proper shower curtain (not just a liner), matching towels, and a few bathroom accessories. A coffee cup is not a toothbrush holder.

Sprucing up your place doesn’t have to be complicated. Still overwhelmed with all of the work? Here’s our top tip: don’t do it. Let the pros take care of the decorating and furnishing for you. With CORT’s help, you can have a stylishly furnished apartment in about 48 hours. No need to coordinate throw pillows, rugs, or armchairs. They’ll even take care of the heavy lifting! Explore your furniture rental options at today!