Photos on ClothespinsIf you’re moving into a studio apartment, the first thing you want to do, decoration-wise, is make the place feel like “you.” But, before you start unrolling your old posters to hang up, you remember that you are not supposed to put holes in the wall of your apartment. What next? Here are some helpful hints for hanging wall art without the headache.

Whether it’s your own canvas art, old Polaroids of your family, news clippings, or a wall hanging, you can get creative with how you display your wall art. For example, you could:

Make a clothespin picture hanger. All you need are hooks that stick to your wall (think 3M command strips), string, some clothespins, and whatever small décor you wish to put up. Pictures, concert tickets, a note somebody wrote you in fifth grade – the opportunities go far and wide with the clothespin method. 

Decorative tape. Believe it or not, taping up a poster can be attractive instead of tacky. You can buy scotch tape with designs, or even decorative duct tape that you can use for endless applications. And if the stronger tape leaves some residue on the walls, you can always use something like Goo Gone or an all-purpose cleaner to scrub it off.

Decorations made of tape. Black electrical tape or colored masking tape can be your paint without the brush if you have a creative side. Outline designs, shapes, animals, words, or anything else you can think of on your wall and see what happens. This is an experiment you can play with until you have it just right – if you mess up, your wall is just fine, and tape is pretty cheap.

Velcro strips. If you don’t want to create your own wall art and just need a way to hang your art without damage, buy some Velcro. It adheres to your framed pictures or posters to the wall with ease. You could even make vertical stripes with a colored strip to incorporate the hack into your décor. Any home improvement or hardware store will have ample supplies for this easy fix.


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