Your Apartment Lighting Problems, Solved

several lamps lighting up an apartmentWhen hunting for an apartment, the unit’s layout, location, and amenities are usually the main priorities. However, after you move in, you may realize the lighting situation is not ideal. In fact, lighting problems can overshadow the other great features of your one-bedroom apartment. Fortunately, there are a variety of creative solutions to fix these. Check out our list of the most common lighting problems, along with several ideas for brightening things up.

Problem: No Natural Light

If you find that your interior doesn’t receive much natural light, there are a few ways to illuminate the room. First, consider painting the room a lighter shade (with your landlord’s permission, of course). Using light-colored paint increases the reflectivity of the walls, which means light bounces around the room more. The whiter the tint, the more the room will begin to lighten. Maximize reflectivity by minimizing the number of dark wall-hangings and posters in the room. Additionally, hanging mirrors across from a window will make the space look brighter and larger.

Problem: The Room Feels Too Small

When a room fills up with furniture and other decor, it can feel a lot smaller than it really is. Make your rooms feel more open with recessed lighting. As light spreads throughout the room, the light brightens the area without taking up any additional wall or table space. You can also naturally draw the eye to the vertical space by moving the line of sight up in the room. One way to achieve is to install lights like wall sconces or choose tall lamps.

Problem: The Lighting Feels Too Intense

Overhead lighting often appears stark, which can give the room an unnatural, sterile feeling. Remedy this issue by establishing small clusters of light around the room. By installing several small lamps on the floor or table surfaces, you can create a warmer glow in the room. You can also trick the mind into thinking the room is bigger by lighting up all of the corners of the room, which gives the eye more objects to focus on.

Problem: The Electricity Bill is Too High

Using a lot of lamps and light fixtures can dramatically increase the electricity bill in your apartment, especially if using incandescent bulbs. To cut down on costs, install dimmers on the lighting fixtures when possible. This solution allows for better control of energy usage and gives you control over the lighting level in every room.

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