5 DIYs to Keep Furniture Looking Like New

apartment with furnitureIt seems like no matter how careful you are with your one-bedroom apartment‘s furniture, something is bound to cause a little damage. Whether it’s the process of moving, the presence of puppies, or the perils of popsicles, life happens and your furniture can get caught in the crossfire.

So how can you keep your furniture looking like new? Here are 5 do-it-yourself ideas for the renter who wants to take matters into their own crafty hands.

1. The Simplicity of Slipcovers

We have to get the no-brainer out of the way first: slipcovers for your soft furnishings. Slipcovers are washable, and changing them is cheaper than buying (or deep cleaning) a whole new couch. Whether you choose to make your own or purchase one, slipcovers are an easy way to keep the dirt off your furniture.

2. Clean Copiously

You’d be surprised what a good scrub can do to a tired-looking piece of furniture. Before you decide to ditch that old dresser, give it some TLC. Whether you’re cleaning leather, linen, man-made fabrics, natural wood, or rattan, giving furniture new life can be as easy as applying a little cleaning solvent or some polish. Before you get started, just make sure you know what’s safe to put on the surface of your furnishing. Many a wood coffee table has been ruined by the wrong cleaner.

3. Start to Finish

If cleaning your wood furniture just won’t cut it, consider going with a new finish entirely. It can give the piece new life, and even gives you an opportunity to choose the ideal look to match your apartment’s aesthetic.

4. Painted Perfection

Old furniture can look pretty boring if its colors or style are out of date. Perhaps that pale orange isn’t en vogue anymore, or maybe you’ve moved to an apartment with cabinets that will never match that old dining room table. To keep your furnishings looking fresh and new, consider a coat of paint in a bold color or a more popular shade. (Pantone’s Color of the Year, anyone?)

5. Update Your Accents

It seems simple, but adding some new accents can keep your furniture’s style more up-to-date. Consider getting new knobs for your dresser drawers, styling your bookshelf décor in a new way, or buying some patterned throw pillows to spruce up your sofa.


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