Best & Worst Pets for Apartment Living

Portrait of beautiful young woman with dog playing in her apartmentYou’re moving. What are you gonna do without your BFF?! Don’t worry. New friends are just around the corner. If you’re moving to a new apartment, keep texting those old friends but start looking for new ones, right here! Turns out, they don’t even have to be human. Check out our hand-groomed list of apartment-friendly pets and find your ultimate furry friend for life.

The British Shorthair Cat: An A-meowzing Mate

When it comes to being low-key, these pets really take the cake (made of fish, that is). Your cat will wash itself, eat and drink when it pleases, and do its business in a small box, making accidents virtually impossible. And for a furry friend that can keep itself busy, cats are the “top dogs”–they can typically be left alone for up to eight hours at a time.

The British Shorthair is known for being one of the most apartment adaptable cat breeds, and also one of the best breeds for first-time cat owners. Now, load up the litter box and fire up the Fancy Feast–your lap just became the perfect spot for a cat nap.

Parakeets: Bird’s the Word

Pretend you’re Snow White by investing in a smaller, less noisy bird counterpart. Though some bird breeds can be large, loud, and difficult to take care of in a small space (i.e. Macaws, Cockatoos, Parrots, and Conures), there are plenty of other bird types that will sing just as beautifully, and not as loudly.

Parakeets are the optimal choice. They’re small, require minimal space, and need less maintenance than many other bird breeds. They can even be taught tunes to whistle, and each tends to have it’s own distinct personality. With a parakeet, you’ll be a Disney princess in no time.

Rats: Not Just Pests

Kim Possible knew what she was talking about. Remember Rufus, the naked mole rat? He was nothing less than a best friend, and one that helped save the earth from ultimate destruction too. Read up on rats and you’ll see–they’re extremely social, they stay clean by grooming themselves like a cat, and they love to be petted! Even Martha Stewart thinks they make “a great choice for apartment dwellers!”

Small Pups: The OG Man’s Best Friend

PUPPIEEESSSSSS! Puppies. Dogs. Dawgs. However you put it, these are the original gangsta’ pets. They’re always there for you, making sure that you’re never alone. But when it comes to breeds, there are a few that are more suited to small spaces.

French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, and Chihuahuas are a few of the smaller breeds that tend to succeed as the best mates in a smaller setting. Keep in mind that breeds requiring a fenced-in yard or lots of exercise aren’t going to be your best bet for apartment life.

Goldfish: Here, Fishy Fishy

Alright, let’s face it: you’re lazy AND lonely. You want to watch physical activity but don’t necessarily want to participate. You LOVE watching the Olympics, but it’s kind of a hassle to go outside and throw a discus. We feel you. When it comes to pets, a fish is your best friend. They’re easy to feed, fun to watch, and don’t get their feelings hurt when you’re away for more than a few days. And did you know? Multiple studies have found that watching fish swim in a home aquarium eases stress and may even reduce blood pressure. Gotta jet somewhere? Just have a friend feed your fish everyday and casually show them a picture of you. Works like a charm.

Beginner fish keepers should start with the following, low maintenance fish breeds: the Goldfish, Bloodfin Tetras, or White Cloud, and avoid the Pacu, Red-tailed Shark, and Plecostomus, for size and territorial reasons.

Find a Pet-Friendly Apartment

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