The Right Way to Stop Noisy Neighbors For Good

Paper cuts. The hiccups. Noisy neighbors. They’re all unpleasant nuisances and sadly, they’re sometimes unavoidable. If you need to turn the volume down on disruptive neighbors but want to avoid an all-out feud, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few realistic ways for getting your noisy neighbors to quiet down!

If you’re dealing with noisy neighbors…

Speak to your noisy neighbors directly.

Some people truly don’t realize how loud they are (or how thin the walls are!). If your neighbor doesn’t know there is a problem, they’re not going to be able to fix it. When you know they’re home, knock on the door and introduce yourself. Let them know that their excessive noise is affecting you and ask them if they can reduce it. Address the situation calmly and politely, and give them a chance to quiet down. If you speak to them kindly and candidly, chances are they’ll work with you.

Offer solutions, instead of just complaining about the problem.

When you speak to your noisy neighbors, let them know exactly what the problem is. For example, maybe their television is against your bedroom wall and TV laugh tracks keep you up all night. Tell them specifics, so they know to turn the volume down – or even relocate their TV! If the constant footsteps of upstairs neighbors are driving you nuts, suggest they take off their shoes inside or even put down a rug. By highlighting the specific problems and brainstorming potential solutions, you’ll point your noisy neighbor in the right direction to fixing it.

Speak to your landlord.

If you don’t feel comfortable reaching out to your noisy neighbor yourself, or if your neighbor refuses to fix the problem after you’ve brought it to their attention, you’ll need to speak to your landlord. Your landlord can act as the mediator and your noisy neighbor may take warnings from them more seriously.

Make sure to cite specific examples of noisy behavior, as well as dates and times. Highlight any applicable rules in the lease, as well as neighborhood noise laws. Ask your landlord to keep you in the loop and send you updates once they’ve spoken to your neighbor – it will be good to know that something is being done!

File a police noise complaint.

If your landlord gets involved and the problem is not resolved, or if the neighbor is totally out of control, it might be time to file a police noise complaint. This should be your last resort! As you can imagine, this will take a feud between neighbors to the next level. Make sure to call the non-emergency number (not 911) and an officer will be dispatched to speak with your neighbor and handle the problem.

Dealing with noisy neighbors doesn’t have to be a part of apartment life, especially YOUR apartment life. If you’ve taken all of these steps, invested in earplugs, and still aren’t getting any peace and quiet, it’s time for a change. Consider moving apartments altogether! Start your search for a new escape from everyday life on ApartmentSearch today!