15 Gift Ideas for Someone Who Just Moved Into Their First Apartment

Woo hoo! Your friend just moved into their first apartment, which means you’ve got one more cool place to hang out. If you find yourself scouring the Internet for great housewarming gift ideas, look no further.

This list of new apartment gifts includes something for everyone, from kitchen necessities to entertainment essentials.

1. Coffee Maker

Pour-over, French press, percolator—while there seem to be countless ways to brew your favorite cup of joe, nothing beats the convenience of a standard coffee maker. Help your friend start their day the right way—with a kick of caffeine! Check out these other essential kitchen appliances for a first apartment.

2. Basic Tool Kit

You never know when minor repairs and maintenance jobs might crop up in a new apartment. Even if it’s just to hang their wall decorations or change the batteries in their smoke detectors, a basic tool kit will have your friend covered.

3. Water Filter

Water from the tap usually comes with a funky taste, and it might not even be totally safe to drink. A good water filter can help your friend stay healthy and hydrated. Just make sure they remember to fill it up!

4. Houseplant

Help your friend breathe easy with a nice houseplant. Caring for these green growers takes almost no effort, and they add life and vibrancy to a space.

5. Board Games

No apartment is complete without some board games. Pick up classics like Scrabble, Monopoly, Risk, Jenga, Clue, and more for your friend’s coffee table. Plus, now you’ll have something to do together when you come hang out.

6. Framed Photo or Artwork

Show your friend how much you appreciate them with a framed picture of you two, or a custom work of art for their wall. New apartments often feel stark and cold without decorations, but your gift will help fix that!

7. Cookbook

Meals are one of the toughest things to figure out when it comes to apartment living. Help ease the stress of moving into a new apartment by solving your friend’s cooking woes. You might even get a free meal out of the deal.

8. TV Subscription

Whether it’s hosting a movie night or binge-watching their favorite show, your friend is sure to appreciate a TV subscription to Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

9. Throw Blanket or Quilt

Give the gift of coziness! Many companies offer throw blankets or quilts that you can customize with your friend’s name or apartment number.

10. Scented Candles

A good scented candle can change the whole ambiance of a room. Lavender fields? Smoky tobacco? Pine trees? Fresh linens? Buy your friend their favorite scents so they can fill their new apartment with them!

11. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Roommates can be loud. It’s sort of their “thing.” Give your friend the gift of peace and quiet with noise-cancelling headphones. That way they can sleep, study, meditate, or focus no matter what shenanigans are going on around them.

12. Dartboard

Hit a bullseye by giving your friend a dartboard. Your friend can entertain guests with this great party game. Just be careful with the walls!

13. Storage Shelves

For a great practical gift, look no further than storage shelves. Moving to a new apartment can often create an overflow of stuff. Your friend will appreciate the extra storage options so they can finally get rid of their last few boxes. For more gift ideas, check out this list of first apartment furniture necessities.

14. Plastic Food Containers

This is another practical gift sure to please. When your friend cooks an amazing meal, they can store it in their plastic food containers for lunch the next day.

15. Grill

If your friend has outdoor space, they can make great use of a grill when the weather’s nice. Have them invite everybody over for a backyard BBQ!

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