5 Lazy Cleaning Hacks for the One-Bedroom Apartment Renter

AS_Lint-RollerClutter in any apartment can make a space seem smaller, but a messy one-bedroom apartment can start to feel tiny fast. Fortunately, renters who take a more laid-back approach to tidying up can still keep things neat. Here are 5 cleaning hacks that will help even the laziest renter maintain a tidy living space.

  1. Don’t Tackle It All in One Day

The prospect of doing a big cleaning spree in a single day can seem overwhelming—and if you’re busy, downright impractical. Rather than carving out long periods of time on a single day, distribute your cleaning tasks throughout the week. Clean up just the bathroom before you go to bed on Monday. Sweep the kitchen and put away the dishes after dinner on Tuesday.

  1. Take the Lint Roller Beyond the Sweater

Countertops, lampshades, blinds, shelves, mantles… anything can be lint-rolled. The result? A surface that’s dust/crumb-free, and a cleaning implement that’s easy to keep on the cheap.

  1. Magically Clean Your Microwave

Maybe you’re not such a great cook. Maybe you’re cooking in an apartment with no kitchen. Whatever your reason for microwave meal inventions, you’re probably left with a fairly food-splattered microwave interior. Keep it clean in just 2 steps: microwave a damp sponge for 2 minutes, then wipe off the microwave’s now-damp interior using an oven mitt. You’re left with a sparkly microwave and no mess!

  1. Cut Down on Toaster Oven Detailing

Likewise, if you’re a fan of the toaster oven (and what lazy renter isn’t?) eliminate some dish-doing by lining your toaster tray with aluminum foil before putting your food in the oven. Just crumple up the foil when you’re done, and voila: clean tray, tasty dinner, no mess.

  1. The Basic Blender Wash

Have you ever tried to scrub a dried up mess out of your blender? Brushes and sponges never seem to do the trick. Next time, try this time-saving tip: when you’re done making your smoothie, simply mix water and soap in your blender and give it a whirl. Pour out the soapy water, give the blender’s cup a final rinse with just water, and you’re done.


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