5 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter

ApartmentSearch_cold-window1Winter is swiftly approaching, which means as the temperatures drop, heating bills rise. Considering last year’s extreme winter weather (known as the Polar Vortex), it’s likely you want to cut down heating costs while still staying warm this year. By changing a few habits and utilizing tools you already have in your apartment, you can easily save a few bucks this winter season.

It’s all about layering. Cold apartments are typically easier to deal with than hot ones because you can wear more clothes or use more blankets. So lower your thermostat a few degrees and put an extra blanket on your bed or throw on a sweatshirt. Plus, it’s an excuse to wear those cute fuzzy socks.

Ceiling fans work both ways. We typically think of ceiling fans as a way to cool down, but few people know that they can actually heat you up too. Switch the rotation of the blades to clockwise, set to a low speed, and the fan will push the warm air from the ceiling down.

Exercise your thermostat. It only takes a few seconds to save money. Changing the temperature on your thermostat for the 8 hours can make a nice dent in that heating bill. You’re not going to be there anyways, so why run the heat at 70 degrees all day? Running your thermostat 10 to 15 degrees less during the day can save you up to 10 percent on your winter bills.

Check windows and doors. One of the bonuses of living in an apartment is that maintenance usually comes free. Check out the weather stripping on your front and patio doors to see if it needs replacing. Also, take a look at your windows to make sure they aren’t letting heat escape through cracks. A good way to find escaping air is to hold a burning candle up close to the window and watch were the smoke goes.

Remember the basics. Windows are a primary reason we lose heat in our homes just by the nature of physics. Make sure to draw your blinds and curtains at night to keep heat from escaping, but remember to keep them open during the day so the sun can warm your apartment. Some apartments do have a fireplace, which is another top culprit. Check to see if the vent is closed, or have maintenance stop by if you aren’t sure.

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