6 Appliances Every Recent College Grad Needs

Coffee MakerAs a new college grad, you’ve been through it all: application, matriculation, examination, graduation, and (finally) celebration! And often, after that, it’s time for relocation. For many, moving to your first post-college apartment means living alone for the first time.

So there you are, packing up your boxes to part ways with your college roommate, when you realize… without someone to split possessions with, your amount of necessities is taking a major hit! Because roommates often take the “this-for-that” approach to big purchases (“I’ll get a toaster if you get a table”), separation of roommates often entails a reclaiming process, and maybe a little separation anxiety. There goes the cutlery… and the coffeepot… and the couch… and the shower curtain….

So what’s a fork-less, coffee-less, couch-less, curtain-less grad to do? That’s right: it’s time to get out there, go shopping, and fill in the gaps. After all, you don’t want to get to your new digs without all the necessary equipment. So pack up, take stock of what you’ve got, and furnish your apartment with this checklist of indispensable appliances.

Coffeemaker – Don’t suffer withdrawals just because your roommate took custody of the caffeine. French press, automatic, espresso machine—no matter how fancy, make sure you’ve got the means for a morning jolt.

Iron – And don’t forget the ironing board. You’re an adult now, so you never know when you’re going to need to pleat something. Can’t handle the heat? Check out the next option.

Handheld Garment Steamer – One of these little beauties is a perfect stand-in for those rushed mornings when ironing is out of the question. Just add water—literally!

Microwave – A lifesaver in college, your favorite reheating friend will be just as welcome after graduation.

Toaster Oven – For when you want to get a little fancier than a simple nuke in the microwave. Many a sandwich has been improved with the humble but helpful toaster oven.

Crockpot – If you’re starting a full-time job, the “set it and forget it” approach is a college grad’s best friend. After all, the last thing you want to do is come home after your 9-to-5 and cook. Invest in a small crockpot and let the appliance do all the work for you.