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Group of happy graduates in graduation regalia, throwing their caps in the air against a bright blue skyIt’s that time of year again: finals have wrapped, plans are in motion, and hats WILL be thrown in the air. Yes friends, graduation time is (finally) upon us. And we all know what that means, don’t we? TIME TO FIND A JOB! Just kidding. Kind of. Before that, your grad will be walkin’ that stage with the biggest grin you’ve ever seen, and though your “love and support” mean the world to them, we’re sure it wouldn’t hurt to get them a little extra somethin’ somethin’. Here are a few ideas for grad gifts that they definitely need (and/or want).

Coffee MakerAs a new college grad, you’ve been through it all: application, matriculation, examination, graduation, and (finally) celebration! And often, after that, it’s time for relocation. For many, moving to your first post-college apartment means living alone for the first time.

So there you are, packing up your boxes to part ways with your college roommate, when you realize… without someone to split possessions with, your amount of necessities is taking a major hit! Because roommates often take the “this-for-that” approach to big purchases (“I’ll get a toaster if you get a table”), separation of roommates often entails a reclaiming process, and maybe a little separation anxiety. There goes the cutlery… and the coffeepot… and the couch… and the shower curtain….