A Mother’s Day Apartment Tale

water lilies in apartment pondMary Anderson was sitting by the window in her apartment, looking out over the pond, ducks and trees that adorned her beautiful world. This was a great spot to sit and muse about what was about to occur. She was thinking about how long it had been since she had seen her daughter, Emily, who lived across the country.

Mary had raised her Emily on her own in this very apartment. She was remembering all of the wonderful times they had had here: walking around the pond right outside the window, talking about frogs, lily pads, and ducks. With her fun filled, energetic personality, Emily eventually even became sort of celebrity around the apartment community. All of the residents around her and even the community staff always smiled when Mary and Emily passed on their daily strolls. As Emily got older, the talks grew more serious and involved boyfriends, choosing a college, and finding her own apartment.

As Emily grew busier with school, and then her husband, her visits back home became less and less frequent. There simply wasn’t the time or money to see her mom as much as she’d like. Still, they grew closer with their weekly phone calls over Saturday morning coffee. When Mary would visit the leasing office, the staff that remembered Emily would always ask about her.

Mary was ecstatic when Emily told her that she and her husband were expecting a daughter of their own. She was able to visit Emily at her apartment and help take care of her granddaughter, Abby, soon after her birth. In the following years, she saw her granddaughter often as Emily and her husband brought Abby to visit regularly.  She cherished those memories and knew they would stay with her forever.

Now, Mary was advanced in age and she knew that she would not always be around to watch her daughter and granddaughter grow in life. That is why she was all the more excited for what was about to happen on Mother’s Day.

Emily and Abby were bringing Mary the greatest gift she could ever have dreamt of: she was going to meet her three-month-old great-granddaughter for the first time! Mary couldn’t dance anymore, but she certainly felt like jumping around and dancing, thinking about all of the wonderful memories the four generations of Andersons were going to create in this apartment, the very apartment where she raised her daughter.

Just like the fictional story of Mary and the Andersons, millions of real-life families build lifelong memories in their apartment homes on Mother’s Day and every day. ApartmentSearch.com would like to say “thank you” to all of the mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers living in apartments everywhere.  If you are looking to move and live closer to your mom, ApartmentSearch.com can help you find the perfect apartment for your needs. Happy Mother’s Day.