Must-Have BBQ Tools for Your Apartment Grill

Afraid that apartment living may cool down your flaming-hot BBQ passion? Worry no more. We have the tools and tips you need to get chillin’ and grillin’ wherever you are!

BBQ Tool: One Spatula to Rule Them All

You’ll flip over the Mercer’s Hell Handle Larger Fish Turner spatula. Don’t let the name fool you: it’s a heavenly solution to flipping not only fish but burgers and even entire small chickens. Plus, its thin edges and heavy-duty construction make it easy to cut bacon, press steaks, and flip eggs. Yum.

This big, sturdy spatula can help you turn grilled foods over faster, which cuts down on cooking time while maximizing your enjoyment.

BBQ Tool: Tongs with a Reach

Another BBQ tool that can help keep your hands cool is an extra-long set of stainless steel tongs like this 22-inch pair found at Home Depot.

They’re long enough to spare your hands from the heat rising from the grill and offer a spring strong enough to give you a good grip on meat and veggies alike.

BBQ Tool: A Space-Saving Grill Toolkit

Space is at a premium for apartment dwellers. That’s why it’s a good idea to streamline your possessions and keep them as organized as possible.

Home-Complete‘s set of grill tools offers 16 pieces in a convenient case that achieves both of those goals. When the mood strikes to get grilling with minimal prep time, reaching for one kit with all the BBQ tools you need can be a big help.

BBQ Tool: Grill Brushes Keep It Clean

There are few grilling bummers bigger than getting all of your supplies to the apartment grill only to find it caked with dried food bits. Eww!

Get your hands on a BBQ grill scraper or brush to scrub your way to a squeaky-clean grilling experience — and encourage your neighbors to do the same!

BBQ Tool: Food Thermometer for Safety

Foodborne illnesses sicken approximately 48 million people every year. One way to help your guests avoid such ailments is to cook meat to the recommended minimum internal cooking temperature.

Minimum internal cooking temps vary depending on what type of meat you’re cooking, so keep this Safe Cooking Temperature Chart from FightBac handy during your next cookout, and use a meat thermometer to check every steak and inspect every brat!

BBQ Tool: A Slam-Dunk Grill Basket

It’s always a tiny foodie tragedy whenever small food items fall from the grill to the hot coals below. Avoid that horror show with a ventilated grill basket! These handy BBQ gadgets come in a variety of sizes, but they’re all designed for one purpose: to help you cook smaller food items (like chopped bell peppers) without letting them fall off or through the grill.

ApartmentSearch Has Your Summer Fun Covered

You don’t need a big yard and a resort-style pool to host an amazing summer BBQ. Heck, you don’t even need a grill to make some cookout favorites! All you need are the right tools, some great food and friends, and a little fresh air.

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