A Family-Friendly Apartment for the First Day of School

Boy Hugging His MotherThe tears began to well up in Shawna’s eyes. She tried hard to make sure Sam didn’t see. It was always like this on this particular day every year. Sam looked back and waved as he got onto the school bus to his first day of 5th grade. She pushed back the tears, smiled and waved, then started the walk back to her apartment. Summer was over and school was back in session.

She closed her apartment door and walked to the kitchen for a fresh cup of coffee. As she scooped the grounds into the coffee filter, she once again began to cry. She remembered his very first day of school just like it was yesterday. He had cried before they left the apartment. Now he was a “big boy” and “too cool” to be seen with his mom doting over him. She wiped away the final tears, poured a fresh cup, and walked out on the balcony to enjoy a little peace and quiet.

Things haven’t been easy since Steven went back on active duty. He had been in Afghanistan for most of Sam’s life. Luckily, they had found an apartment that was close to the base, their friends, and a top-rated school district. Their old house had been too much for her to keep up by herself and was not in a great location for the things Sam would want as he grew up. When he left for overseas, Steven had agreed that she should find an apartment best suited for them.

Hoping she would find the right apartment quickly, she tried asking friends, looking in the newspaper, and even scanned through some magazines. However, it was too overwhelming. She then learned that she could custom search online using ApartmentSearch. To her surprise, there was a brand new community opening in three months. Not only was it right next to the base, but it was in one of the state’s top five school districts. So she quickly made an appointment to visit them and learn more about the community.

Shawna found that apartment community seven years ago. When Steven came back from his first visit, he was amazed at their new apartment. It had everything, including two enormous pools, a tennis court, and a playground where Sam could play.  Plus, the rooms were bigger than the ones at their old house. The entire community was filled with kids, and Sam quickly made a ton of friends. Shawna had also settled in and was almost like a rock star at the community. Everyone knew her – even the entire office staff. He was happy that they had all of the things they dreamed of.

Now, Steven was back overseas and Sam was back in school. She wondered if any of the other moms were feeling the same as her today. “The first day of school is a challenge for any mom”, she assured herself. She looked at her watch and saw it was almost time for the daily yoga class that their apartment community hosted. Yoga would help her clear her head and focus on something positive.

Even though this is a fictitious story, it represents the situation many families go through over the next few weeks as kids head back to school. If you want to move to a great school district or a community attractive for families, visit www.apartmentsearch.com and begin your search today. If you tell your apartment community that you learned about them from ApartmentSearch, you can be eligible for up to $200 in rewards. That goes a long way towards school supplies.