Apartment Life Hacks for Winter Allergies

Girl in grey winter hat and mittens, outside in snow, blowing her noseAs cold winter weather rolls in, people shut their windows and prepare to hibernate indoors for a few months. Unfortunately, closing up your home also means trapping dust inside with you, which can be miserable for allergy-prone people. If you struggle with wintertime allergies, try these preventative measures to combat common allergy symptoms like a runny nose, scratchy throat, and itchy eyes. If you’re already suffering, we’ve got home remedies to help those aches and itches too!

To keep your allergies from flaring up…

Dust your apartment regularly. If you haven’t dusted regularly in the past before, you may be shocked to see how much can accumulate in the nooks and crannies of your apartment. Dust mites are like kryptonite for allergy prone people. Wipe down all the surfaces in your apartment with a damp rag. Don’t forget to get in-between the blinds too! Investing in some dust covers for your pillows and mattress can be hugely beneficial as well.

Lose the clutter. The more junk you have in your apartment, the more places dust and allergens can gather. You may think you can’t live without those clothes that might fit again one day, those books you’ll never get around to reading, or that piece of furniture that doesn’t really have a place, but you can. Declutter and your allergies will thank you!

Vacuum your carpet. Hardwood floors get cold in the winter, but carpets and rugs feel warm and luxurious on your feet. However, they also act as giant allergen traps. Make sure you vacuum regularly to pick up dust, pet hair, and other irritants that could be making your allergies worse. Make vacuuming part of your morning or nightly routine and you could very well see a major reduction in allergy symptoms.

Do your laundry. We know you already do your laundry, but try doing it more often. Allergens build up on your clothing every day and letting your clothes pile up in the hamper just lets those allergens pile up as well. Avoid letting big mounds of dirty clothes grow and grow by doing your laundry more often during the winter. Don’t forget to wash your bedding regularly too!

Replace vent filters. Dust and allergens collect on vent filters, just like every other place in your home. When air blows through your filters, along come those allergens. Replace your vent filters monthly to reduce this problem.

Already suffering? Try these at-home remedies…

Use a neti pot. You may have seen or used these little teapot-looking devices before. Fill your neti pot with sterile saline to clean out your nasal passages and get relief from your allergies.

Up your vitamin C intake. Vitamin C is essential to a maintaining a healthy immune system. Additionally, increased levels of vitamin C can reduce and break down histamine, which is the chemical in your body responsible for many of those pesky allergy symptoms.

End your day with a cool rinse. I know, this one sounds pretty miserable in the dead of winter, but hear us out! Your whole shower doesn’t have to be ice cold – just end your shower with some slightly cooler water. This will help get allergens out of your hair, off your skin, and keep you from bringing them to bed with you.

Don’t let winter allergies get the best of you. Happy apartment living is healthy apartment living. Follow ApartmentSearch on Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with the latest winter weather hacks, hand-picked for apartment renters!