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Girl in grey winter hat and mittens, outside in snow, blowing her noseAs cold winter weather rolls in, people shut their windows and prepare to hibernate indoors for a few months. Unfortunately, closing up your home also means trapping dust inside with you, which can be miserable for allergy-prone people. If you struggle with wintertime allergies, try these preventative measures to combat common allergy symptoms like a runny nose, scratchy throat, and itchy eyes. If you’re already suffering, we’ve got home remedies to help those aches and itches too!

Blonde woman relaxing outdoors on a lawn chair with hands behind her head“Staycation all I ever wanted, Staycation time to get away…” Rethinking those lyrics feels good, huh? So does rethinking your idea of a vacation. Maybe you can’t afford to take a plane and stay in a fancy hotel right now, or maybe you can’t get the time off from work. Whatever the reason, your vacation deserves to be taken and we’re here to help! So skip the travel time and make your own dang wanderlust with these four steps to having the best apartment staycation ever.

Woman relaxing on table in front of computer, as fan blows cool air on her faceThe sun feels scalding hot, tank top season is in full swing, and sweat is…dripping. Ew. Don’t get us wrong, summertime boasts some of the best times as far as seasons go, but it’s hotter than Brad Pitt/Megan Fox circa, well, any year, out there. And frankly, all we really want to do is dive into an ice cold pool. Don’t have one at your apartment complex? Check out our top tips for staying cool in your apartment when the weather gets toasty.