Top or Bottom Floor? Find an Apartment on the Right Level

find an apartmentDuring the search to find an apartment, there are dozens of different factors to evaluate before ultimately picking your perfect new home.  And even when you do decide on the ideal apartment, you might have to choose between units at the actual property.  This can be tricky, so if you have the choice between a top or bottom floor apartment, think carefully about which you’d prefer.  Here are some of the ups and downs of living on the top and bottom floors of apartments, so when you find an apartment (or two!) you love, you’re ready to assess.

Living on the Top Floor

Living on the top floor has both perks and drawbacks.  If you’re set on trying to find an apartment on the top floor, consider these pros and cons first.

Top Floor Pros:

  • Top floor apartments tend to have the best views! Find an apartment facing the right direction and you could be treated to a beautiful sight from your living room every day.
  • Since you’re further removed from the ground floor, you’ll have less noise from street traffic.
  • You’ll never have ceiling noise from the upstairs neighbors.
  • Top floor apartments have a significantly smaller chance of suffering a break-in from the outside.

Top Floor Cons:

  • You might have to keep foot traffic to a minimum, especially at night, to make peace with your downstairs neighbors.
  • Unfortunately, living on the top floor may mean hiking up and down stairs or lugging items in and out of an elevator on a daily basis.
  • Heat rises, so your apartment will be a little toastier during the summer.

Living on the Bottom Floor

The ground floor has a lot of advantages that the top floor lacks, but there are also some trade-offs you should consider before settling in on the lowest level.  If you find a place with a bottom floor apartment available, think about these factors before making your decision.

Bottom Floor Pros:

  • You won’t have to worry about creating noise from foot traffic, which is a major plus for families with young children or excitable pets.
  • You’ll have ready access to outdoor areas like playgrounds, dog parks, patios, and courtyards.
  • No lugging groceries, strollers, or heavy furniture up and down stairs or to an elevator every day.

Bottom Floor Cons:

  • Since you’re closer to streets and sidewalks, you’re more likely to hear traffic noise.
  • Your patio, balcony, and windows are more accessible to passersby, and so are more susceptible to break-ins.
  • Your windows are also easy to see into for anyone walking by, so you might have less privacy than you would on a floor that is higher up.
  • You’ll have to contend with ceiling noise from your upstairs neighbors.

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