No Pool? Creative Ways to Stay Cool in Your Apartment

Woman relaxing on table in front of computer, as fan blows cool air on her faceThe sun feels scalding hot, tank top season is in full swing, and sweat is…dripping. Ew. Don’t get us wrong, summertime boasts some of the best times as far as seasons go, but it’s hotter than Brad Pitt/Megan Fox circa, well, any year, out there. And frankly, all we really want to do is dive into an ice cold pool. Don’t have one at your apartment complex? Check out our top tips for staying cool in your apartment when the weather gets toasty.

Showering: The Original Cooldown

Remember that thing that sprays water from a tube in your own apartment? Go get in it! A cold or even tepid shower will lower your body temp, making you feel much more comfortable. A cold shower could even help lower electricity bills, too! Win! Feel free to belt your heart out while you’re at it with this awesome Songs to Sing to in the Shower playlist by Spotify.

Face the Heat

Don’t have the time for a shower? Grab a cold, wet towel and let it chill on your face for a few minutes. If you’ve got time to spare (and a face moisturizer that you love), throw your moisturizer in the fridge for a bit and then apply to said hot face. Say it with us now, “Ahhhhhh.”

Drink Up & Get Low

Waking up in the middle of the night because you’re so hot? A couple tips: drink around 8 oz. of water before hitting the hay. It’ll help keep you hydrated. And if your bed is raised on blocks or bed risers, consider lowering it for the hotter part of the year; remember your 5th grade science? Heat rises!

Lights Out

As it turns out, even low wattage lights give off heat. Do your best to keep the lights off and consider unplugging anything you’re not using at the moment. An everyday incandescent bulb wastes 90% of the energy it uses, and this energy is given off in the form of heat. Yikes! Plus, any extra electricity being used could be going towards appliances that cool you down (like the fan!) Speaking of…

Your Biggest Fan

…should be pushing air a certain way in order to increase the circulation throughout your place. When standing under your fan, do you feel nothing when you should be feeling a glorious breeze? Many fans are reversible. One direction pushes air down, giving you that glorious breeze. The other direction sucks air up, helping to distribute heat in the winter. (Remember what we learned earlier? Heat rises!) Fans should typically turn counterclockwise (left) during the summer and clockwise (right) during the winter.

Order-In, Veg Out

The stove is no place for a hot person to be near. Do yourself a favor and order in, grill out, and veg out. Better yet, save some money (and calories) by munching on cool salads or veggies, or sip a lovely cold soup. As it turns out, the food you eat could help regulate your body temperature. Foods like ice cream, brown rice, and beer can actually make you feel hotter, while foods like watermelon, leafy greens, and peppers can make you feel cooler!


Wishing you had something cooler than the breeze from outside? Take a sheet, wet it, fold it into a gallon size bag (to avoid any icky freezer smells) and put it in your freezer for a few minutes. Then, hang it in front of an open window. The air coming through will be cooled by the sheet. Aw, sheet. That’s awesome!

Gimme a Beat

Need instant relief? Grab an ice pack or cold, wet towel and place it on your major pulse points: wrists, neck, and feet, just to name a few.

Yes, it’s hot out there but thankfully you’re creative and resourceful. Still wishing you had a pool to jump in? Consider getting an apartment that has one built right in! Paradise could be just steps from your front door. Check out apartments for rent with pools on and try to stay cool out there. What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold… Thanks for the obvious info, Outkast!