June 2016

Independence Day Fireworks over Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial

Independence Day Fireworks over Washington Monument & Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

Apple pie, baseball, and pyrotechnics – the epitome of American pastimes! America’s birthday is coming up and there’s no better way to celebrate than with some great food, maybe some live music, but especially with a great fireworks show. And while the Macy’s Firework Show in New York City may be America’s largest Independence Day firework display, it’s certainly not the only one! From coast to coast, check out these hot spots for fireworks that’ll have you packing for a weekend road trip in no time.

Woman relaxing on table in front of computer, as fan blows cool air on her faceThe sun feels scalding hot, tank top season is in full swing, and sweat is…dripping. Ew. Don’t get us wrong, summertime boasts some of the best times as far as seasons go, but it’s hotter than Brad Pitt/Megan Fox circa, well, any year, out there. And frankly, all we really want to do is dive into an ice cold pool. Don’t have one at your apartment complex? Check out our top tips for staying cool in your apartment when the weather gets toasty.

Father and daughter wearing mustaches and being silly on Father's DayWanna hear a joke about paper?
Nevermind. It’s tearable.

Dads from around the country have provided us with some pretty great jokes. And for that, we are thankful. Not because the jokes are particularly funny, but because our dads think they are, thus giving us a reason to create a subculture of comedy deeply rooted in ridiculous puns. Thanks pops!

When it comes to dad’s special day, we think he deserves more than a new tie or some sweet, shiny cufflinks. Whether you’re in Atlanta or Austin, people all around the U.S. are celebrating Father’s Day withOUT a trip to the local department store, and you can too! Check out these awesome ideas for celebrating dad, and if you live in one of these cities, be sure to swing by and say, “Cheers” or “You’re The Beary Best.” Trust us, one of those phrases will be relevant. (And he’ll love the bear pun.)

Frustrated women in orange sweater as she apartment shops onlineSummer is here and apartment shopping season has begun. While the kids are out of school, many families jump at the chance to relocate without the inconvenience of having to deal with school transfers. Executives from across the country and abroad are arriving in new cities for temporary and permanent work assignments. College students, fresh from graduation, are moving to cities that offer the best career opportunities for new grads. All of these individuals are searching for an apartment, which is not always the easiest task. In fact, it can be quite overwhelming!

Array of vibrantly frosted donutsIt is finally here and it may be the most important day of the entire year. No, we are not talking about Christmas or even the Fourth of July. June 3rd is National Donut (or Doughnut) Day. Sure, you won’t see any parades, fireworks, or TV specials about this day, which is celebrated every year on the first Friday in June, but you will find people lining up around the country to enjoy one of America’s favorite frosted treats. And if your apartment is in one of the following cities, you’re in luck! Your city has some of the best donuts in the country…drool on to see if your city made the cut!

Young woman holding first credit card, making an online purchase from her laptop while on her apartment balconyDo you flinch at the thought of the words “fiscally responsible?” Does your head spin every time the cashier asks if you have a Nordstrom/Gap/PacSun card? Do your nightmares consist of dollar bills flying out of your wallet and into a pool of Wall Street-looking business men? Relax! If you’re new to managing your own finances and establishing credit, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few basic things that all credit card noobs should know.