Cool And Pest Free Patio Ideas for The Summer

Outdoor Patio

Summer is officially in full swing, and whether you’re planning on getting together with a small group of friends or staying home, the urge to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather is upon all of us. But we can probably all agree that nothing ruins the fun of the great outdoors faster than sweating through your clothes in under 10 minutes or the sting of a mosquito bite – signaling that your insect repellant has failed. Before putting a few burgers on the grill, or planning a brunch at home, check out a few patio ideas that will keep you and your guests cool and pest-free.

You’ve already completed step one: securing an apartment and the all-important step two: decorating the space. Now we move on to step three: enjoying your new home!  Apartment dwelling doesn’t always lead to following a set routine. You never know when the perfect apartment pool-side party will end with popsicles on your patio at sunset, or if one morning you’d like to read with your cereal outside. Let’s dive into the small – and cheap – changes you can immediately make on your patio.

Add Some Greenery

Plants and water features minimize the amount of concrete or wood that gets heated by the sun because they absorb and trap heat. It may be helpful to keep up with an herb garden or have a few potted succulents and ferns on your patio. You’ll also reap the benefits of having fresh basil or even tomatoes for summer salads! Water features, such as fountains, are also a cooling feature for apartments because when water is evaporated, it absorbs a large amount of heat. Placing an umbrella over patio furniture can also offer shade and a more relaxed apartment living atmosphere.

Bring Out the Fan

To keep cool in humid climates, portable box fans under the umbrellas are a great addition to keep the heat and flies away.

On the topic of flies and pests, we know how annoying they can be for any apartment living situation, especially in the summer! One way to keep mosquitos away from patios is through using mosquito repellent candles, tiki torches, and sprays.

Create Your Own Insect Repellant

Apply lavender essential oil to your skin for a more DIY approach. Another inexpensive trick to repel flies is by hanging a plastic bag full of water with a single penny or a piece of tin foil inside above your patio. This is an old (and highly debated) trick to refract light and to alter the vision of flies. Because they have thousands of eyes, it is said that the way the light is reflected and affects their vision keeps them away.

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Photo by Emre Can from Pexels