Apartment Living: Meeting the Neighbors

apartment livingLiving in Proximity

A major characteristic of apartment living is that the proximity of the people you’re living around tends to be closer than living in a standalone residence.  Apartments combine the privacy of having your own place with the safety and social ease of living close to others, and it’s not uncommon for people living in apartment buildings to form great, neighborly friendships.

When you first move into a new place, though, figuring out exactly how to meet the neighbors can be kind of difficult.  Obviously, just walking up and saying “hi” works, and that’s a time-honored way to break the ice.  The best times to do this can be when someone’s walking in their apartment—because they might be in a rush when walking out.  A chance elevator encounter always works, because there’s a captive audience.  Keep the conversation short and sweet.  Since these people live in the same building as you, you’ll have further opportunities to establish bonds down the road.

An Apartment Party Breaks the Ice

A great opportunity to do so is by throwing a party.  When doing so, keep it simple.  Clean your apartment beforehand, get some snacks (more than you think people will eat) and some refreshments and have a little meet and greet.  The point here is to gather some people together who have at least one thing in common (living in an apartment) and see what else you have in common.  Talk about your interests and see where the common ground lies with your neighbors.  After all, great friendships are all built on these introductory moments—you never know where shared interests will lead!

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