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Group of young friends watching football game in living roomIt didn’t take long after the conference title games for residents of both cities heading to the football championship to start arguing over which city is better. For Boston, this is just “once more unto the breach,” whereas for Atlanta, this is only the second time they’re competing in the final NFL game of the season (last time was in 1999, but they were defeated by Denver). Both are proud cities with storied traditions of sports and apartment-style living. So which city will bring home the trophy?

Group of multi-ethnic friends sitting on the couch and cheering enthusiastically for a variety of Olympic sports teams“U.S.A.! U.S.A!” Or whichever country you’re hollering for! Regardless of what you’re yelling at the TV, it’s no secret why: the summer Olympics are almost here (Hint: They’re August 5 to 21, 2016). Two words in that last sentence are great reasons to throw a party: summer, and of course, the Olympics! So grab your flags, craft your little heart out, and whip up mom’s famous seven-layer dip. Follow our handy Olympic party guide to throw the ultimate apartment shindig!