How to Host an Olympic Viewing Party Like a Gold Medalist

Group of multi-ethnic friends sitting on the couch and cheering enthusiastically for a variety of Olympic sports teams“U.S.A.! U.S.A!” Or whichever country you’re hollering for! Regardless of what you’re yelling at the TV, it’s no secret why: the summer Olympics are almost here (Hint: They’re August 5 to 21, 2016). Two words in that last sentence are great reasons to throw a party: summer, and of course, the Olympics! So grab your flags, craft your little heart out, and whip up mom’s famous seven-layer dip. Follow our handy Olympic party guide to throw the ultimate apartment shindig!

Find Your Inner Kindergartener

Remember those rings of paper that you’d cut up and glue together, forming a huge string of practically useless streamers? Dust off that packet of construction paper and start cutting and gluing like your name is Elmer. Try using only red, white and blue (‘Merica) or the colors of the Olympic rings. Wanna up your game from just paper? See below…

Say Hello to Your Inner Clown

We’re all familiar with balloon animals. Give ’em a try! (Although, no animals necessary. Unless you’re like, really good.) Visit your local party supply store and buy the long, skinny balloons in the colors of the Olympic rings. Tie them all together to make a giant logo as decor for the party. Your creation could even serve as the backdrop to a pretty sweet photo, which gives us another idea…

Strike a Golden Pose

Create an area in your apartment for your guests to take a photo. You could use the suggestion above, but there are tons of other ways to make this happen. If you have three different sized milk crates (or boxes sturdy enough for people to stand on), mark them with “1,” “2,” and “3” to make them appear as first, second, and third place competitors. Better yet, invest in some cheap medals (or make your own) and hand them out to all of your guests. At your party, everyone’s a winner!

Set a Dress Code

Nothing says theme party like the perfect outfit, and this one is no exception. Dig through your closet for your most patriotic gear (or track suit) and make sure your friends wear theirs too. There’s gotta be an Old Navy flag shirt from 2009 that’s just begging to be worn again.

Make Your Cuisine (& Beverages!) International

You don’t have to be a chef to serve up some pretty fun foods at this party. Put out red, white, and blue fruits (chopped up strawberries, bananas, and blueberries) or even a red, white, and blue salad. More into drinking? Serve goldschlager or make red, white, and blue jello shots. If you’re more of a beer person, buy beers from all over the world to celebrate, well, beer.

Baby, You’re A Firework

Ok well, fireworks are probably a little overkill (and a tad illegal) but remember those fun poppers you can buy at your local dollar store? Go get some. And snap them every time your team wins. #SnapCracklePop #NotTheCereal

Go For The Gold

A little competition never hurt anyone! Give your guests the chance to compete in their own Olympic games. Games that mimic the actual ones being played this Summer are most applicable. Table tennis (yep, it’s an Olympic sport, and this 16-year old is better at it than you are) is an easy one if you’ve got the table already, but if not, get creative! Did someone say “gymnastics floor routine” contest?

Well, your training is now complete. How do you feel? Ready to WIN? Good! Now go out there and give that party your all! Got a craving to host even more parties? Follow ApartmentSearch on Facebook and Twitter for more awesome party ideas!