How to Host a Football Party

It’s September, which means fall is upon us. The air is getting cooler, pumpkins are getting spicier, and the trees are getting orange-ier? But changing leaves aren’t the only things you’re watching. That’s right; it’s football season! And if you’re planning on throwing a watch party, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure your party is a touchdown.

A High Definition TV is a Must

Whether you’re cheering for your favorite professional team or still rooting for your old college team, do it in front of a high definition TV. The last thing you want to do is watch those magnificent touchdowns through a grainy picture. Also, you don’t want to have to squint to see 6’4” quarterback on a 30” screen!

Make sure your TV is big enough to allow you to enjoy the game without having to strain your eyes or huddle your friends around a tiny screen. Elevate your viewing experience with a clearance HD TV from CORT Furniture Outlet.

Don’t Let Your Guests Go Hungry

No football viewing party is complete without a full spread of snacks of all varieties. Now is your chance to get creative! Turn your food into football shapes, or cook some fun fall recipes you’ve been wanting to try. If you’re in a small apartment and worried about getting rid of cooking smells before your party, try preparing all the food the night before and stashing it in your fridge until the guests arrive.

If you decide to make your party a potluck, a good practice is to let people know what to bring. Stick to broader categories, like drinks, chips and dip, desserts, etc. That way, your guests can still be creative (and budget-aware) with what they bring, and it ensures that your party isn’t just tortilla chips and paper plates.

Have Seating for Everyone

Football games usually last a few hours. That’s a long time to be standing around. Have enough seats for all your guests so they don’t get tired before halftime. Plus, it’s a lot harder to jump out of your seat with excitement when you don’t have a seat in the first place. Have some fold-out chairs stashed in a closet to bring out as necessary so your guests can view the game in maximum comfort.

Clean Your Bathroom

You’ve spent so much time and effort getting your living room space ready and setting out your buffet of snacks. But you might have forgotten one crucial thing–cleaning your bathroom! You know your guests will use the restroom at some point during the party, and you certainly don’t want them walking into a dirty or cluttered bathroom. Wipe down all the surfaces, put away any clutter, and stock plenty of toiletries–just in queso.

Make Space for Your Victory Dance

So, your apartment is clean, the food is set out, and the TV is set up and ready for game-day action. But you may also want to consider moving some furniture around to make sure your guests have space to celebrate all the team’s victories. You might have already made space for those extra chairs you brought out. But if you’ve got a small apartment, this may mean moving your coffee table or side tables to another room. After all, this is a party. So, make some room to party!

Make Your Apartment Festive

Maybe you’ve already decorated your apartment for fall. But for game day, you’ll want to go a little extra. Set aside some craft time to make paper garlands for your chosen team, dress up your food table with a fun football field-inspired tablecloth, or blow up some balloons to quickly and easily add your team’s colors to the room.

Take Advantage of Your Apartment’s Amenities

If your apartment has perks, now is the time to use them! If you’ve got a pool, reserve a space to host your party. If your apartment has a courtyard, it could be a great place to set up a grill, (as long as your lease allows it), and add a cookout to your party. You might even meet your neighbors if it’s a shared courtyard. And if your apartment has a parking lot, you could always host a tailgate-style party.

Are you planning on throwing a football party this year but your place is too small for your guest list? Don’t let a lack of space bench your besties. Get a bigger apartment with amenities for entertaining with ApartmentSearch.