Easy Ways to Make Your Patio More Private

Some days, you’re bursting with energy and ready to greet the world with a smile. On other occasions, all you want to do is sit on your patio wearing PJs with your favorite drink in one hand and a good book in the other. It’s called balance, for goodness sake! 

However, enjoying the peace and quiet of your apartment or condo’s outdoor space is difficult without privacy. Protect your outdoor haven from your neighbors’ prying eyes and probing questions with these easy patio privacy ideas.

1. Add plants. 

When it comes to outdoor patio privacy ideas, know that you can get creative! For example, there are several ways to use greenery to shield your outdoor space from passerby’s eyes: two of the most renter-friendly solutions are potted trees or living walls.

Tall potted plants = patio privacy, and potted trees offer the advantage of being relatively easy to move. However, they also mean you’ll often have to clean leaves and sap off your outdoor living space and regularly deal with tree care and pruning. 

In search of fun patio privacy wall ideas? Living walls — which involve growing vines along the surface of screens or trellises — are typically lower maintenance but harder to move with you at the end of your lease. 

A few commonly used potted shrub varieties include bay laurels, weeping figs, and dwarf cypress trees. On the flip side, Boston ivies, bougainvilleas, and royal trumpet vines are among the most popular choices for growing along privacy screens and trellises. 

Consider the pros and cons of each of these plant-based outdoor patio privacy ideas before going all out at the plant nursery. Additionally, make sure to consult with local experts to determine the best type of greenery and surface or pot for your area, space, and needs. 

Don’t want to deal with the hassle of real plants? Use faux plants instead! 

2. Consider curtains. 

Patio shades and curtains are another easy way to add shade and privacy to your patio! There are various types, sizes, and technologies available, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. 

When it comes to patio privacy curtains, renter-friendly options include roll-down shades and retractable awnings. Like string lights, they are relatively easy to install and operate. Roll-down shades can easily be mounted across pillars and along doorways or windows. Just make sure to measure the space where you want them carefully before purchasing yours. 

If there are no vertical surfaces to mount roll-down shades on your patio, consider a retractable awning with a built-in privacy screen. These handy gadgets attach to the side of your home. You can quickly crank them open and shut on-demand to transform your space in a snap!

3. Invest in a foldable screen. 

Last but certainly not least, consider a patio divider for privacy. Foldable screens offer the ultimate patio privacy solution for renters! Not only do they come in a range of sizes and styles, but they also range in price to accommodate any budget. They are also easy to install or take down and fold flat for convenient storage. However, portable screens have their downsides. They require frequent cleaning and can present a tipping risk when the weather gets rough. When in doubt, you can also find tutorials to help you create your own DIY patio privacy screen.

Find a More Private Patio

Whether your apartment is in a bustling city or a tranquil suburb, cultivating a private oasis to relax in is sure to elevate your space. While these backyard patio privacy ideas can help, if you’re genuinely looking for an apartment upgrade, ApartmentSearch has your back. Before your next move, use our advanced filtering options to sort apartments by rent price, square footage, and amenities, and find the perfect space, with an ideal patio, to boot!