4 Simple Summer Parties To Host Before It’s Too Late

AS_Summer-PartyIf you’ve been battling the August heat, it may be hard to believe that summer’s almost over. But before you gear up for sweater season and get ready for the taste of pumpkin flavored – well everything – squeeze one last drop of fun out of your summer by throwing the perfect party for friends or family. With 4 classic summer parties to choose from, it won’t be hard to host the event everyone will still be talking about when the leaves start to fall.

Pool Party

Now that summer temperatures have hit their peak, a classic pool party can be the cure for whatever ails you. Whether you’re looking for something low key and spontaneous or a more elaborate affair comes to mind, if you live in an apartment community with a pool, party planning is easy. Your pool should almost always be ready for action, but make sure to check with apartment management to go over any pool rules and to ensure cleanliness before the day of your get together.

Watch Party

Couldn’t make it to a theatre to see summer’s hottest blockbusters? No worries—just host a watch party of your favorite movies at home! It doesn’t matter if you live in a studio or one bedroom apartment either; no space is too small to turn into a makeshift movie palace. Be sure to dim the lights, provide plenty of snacks, and comfortable seating. Once the mood is set, even the smallest screen can look like the silver screen.

Cookout, Picnic, or BBQ

For good food and great conversation, an old fashioned cookout may be just the party for you. To reduce the stress of planning and cooking, turn your picnic into a potluck! Potlucks save you time and money while adding greater variety into the food you serve. And just because it’s called a cookout doesn’t mean it has to be outside. If you prefer to dine indoors or your party gets rained out, consider a balcony BBQ. It’s easy to turn outdoor space into a grill masters wonderland when you know what to do.

Theme Night

If you’re looking to hangout with friends but want something more exciting than the norm, host a theme night! From a bring-your-own board game night to an off-kilter costume party, murder mystery dinner, and more, any theme is sure to bring out the best in your guests. Create a contest to see who comes to the party best matching the theme and crown the winner accordingly. Let the winner plan the next theme night so you can keep the party going all summer – or at least for what’s left of it!

Are You A Host With The Most?

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